Election Fallout Across Canada

In 2015 the world witnessed the most extreme ‘Election Fallout’ in the U.S.A. Extreme left Democrats took to the streets, shouting ‘Not my president’ and in some cases literally balling their eyes out and screaming at the sky in a fit of rage and despair, not knowing how to deal with their emotions in a rational and adult manner. Everyone remembers the YouTube videos of it, It was quite the laughable sight. They probably thought their world was going to end, but really, is that how someone should deal with the end of the world?

Since the election there has been a lot of uncivil discourse between ideologies here in Canada. Arguments frequently erupt between party members, easterners and westerners, and even friends and family over either the outcome of the elections, or what we should do going forward. The symptoms of ‘Election Fallout’ are certainly visible here in 2019, even though it is from the other side of the fence. Where people with right leaning ideologies are acting irrationally towards others due to the results.

Liberal / Conservative

Even though this feud goes back to the beginning of democracy in Canada, the resentment between the Conservatives and Liberals is so thick it is palpable. You can see this resentment on any platform, in almost any thread. You see this between friends mostly. Which is the most common form of contact between ideologies. The divide is so great in Canada at the moment you do not see much overlap in the social networks other than top politician feeds. Here you will find humorous digs and attacks on any positive replies. You do not see much reciprocation from the Liberals though. Probably because they do not feel the need to defend themselves, after all, they won.

Nationalist / Libertarian / Conservative

The confrontations that started when Maxime Bernier split from the CPC to form the PPC continues, and in a lot of cases, it is growing. Many individuals taking it upon themselves to count votes, combing through election results, district by district, to prove the age old ‘vote split’ theory. Even though votes are not owned by any one party, they seem to think that all votes that went to Maxime’s People’s Party, should actually have gone to the Conservatives. Here is an extreme example of that disdain.

Now I am not going to get into the issue of the fact that a lot of votes could very well have come from other parties, like the NDP or the Green party, or the fact that no party owns a vote, or the fact that even if they all DID goto the Conservatives, it wouldn’t have made a difference in the overall outcome, but I will say that even passive threats on a fellow Canadian, over an ELECTION, is just despicable. It is not logical, it is not rational, and unlike the Democrats in 2015, it is not funny.


Even within the Conservative party the bickering is inescapable. Some calling for Andrew Scheer to step down as leader of the Party, and others claiming it will make them look weak and inevitably cause another loss when the next election is called.

I think that as a party, the Conservatives should really look at a leader change. I think that any losing leader should have to win their leadership again. Their accomplishments should be put to a vote, but that’s just my opinion. Confidence does need to be taken into consideration though, or you risk alienating your own membership, and all of your supporters. It causes divide at a time when unity is so crucial to the advancement of the party.

East / West

One of the biggest resentments at the moment I think is between the East and the West. Due to the overwhelming Liberal support shown by a near sweep of the Maritime’s, Alberta and most of Western Canada feel betrayed by East Coasters. Many talking about restricting the hiring anyone from the Maritime’s or about an additional tax on out of province workers.

Although many people voted conservative, and even more simply did not vote, the outcome is apparently the responsibility of every resident. Regardless of their ideology. The sad thing is, I am willing to bet every single patch worker from the Maritime’s voted Conservative. I hope that they will eventually realize this fact and stop acting like we are the enemy, instead of Ottawa. Yes the Maritime’s voted Liberal. The fact still remains that even if the 28 seats from 4 provinces, were to change to Conservative, the Liberals would still have a minority government. They could still agree to a coalitions to form cabinet.

Let that sink in. Even if the East and the West voted conservative, the Liberals could still take power. It is not us that is the enemy, it is the very system itself. The United States has a special type of democracy with the Electoral College due to this very issue. Their forefathers had foresight. They understood the inherent problems of a democracy that spans such a large area of varying population densities.

West / West

People in the west are even lashing out at each other. Alberta at Manitoba, Saskatchewan at Alberta. It seems a lot of western Canada is open to the separation idea, but take offence to Alberta not including them in their plans. Alberta wants to exclusively select the conservative districts to come with them. Leaving out northern Manitoba and most of coastal British Columbia.

These are all non issues when it comes to separation. If it were to come to that, it would have to be performed at a provincial level, because confederation happened that way. It would include the entire province, not just districts. Each province would have to initiate their own referendums to begin the process of separation. Taking every residents vote into consideration. After the sovereignty issue is resolved, they could confederate, or sign onto a constitution together as a separate but united country.

Moving Forward

Instead of fighting each other, we need to be fighting for change. Fighting for our voice to be heard, in a fair and equal manner. We need to focus on election reform more than ever in Canada. We also need to reform our parliamentary system. The system is outdated and instead of working for the people, it is working against the principles of democracy which betrays our confederation. Every voice is equal, but large population centers can not have the electoral power over the rest of the country. Toronto has 25 seats. That is more than Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island combined.

I am not an electoral expert, but I know what feels right. Popular vote should be an indication of something, but vote weighting is also important to not alienate large portions of rural Canada. At this point I think any combination election and formation of government would be better than the system we have now. Many agree voting directly for a Prime Minister would be preferable as well. I personally talked to a lot of Liberals who voted for their local Liberal Candidate, not Trudeau, they do not have confidence in him, but they do not have confidence in the other party’s local candidates more. Without a way to vote for someone else on a federal level, they just go with Liberal anyways.

Popular vote for PM and some kind of change to districts to eliminate population centers taking advantage of the rest of the country. I would really like to hear what you have to think about it. How do you think we should reform our electoral system? Leave a comment below.

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