How The Ukrainian Flight Was Downed By Iran.

There is growing concern about the cause of the Ukrainian flight, with many involved countries sharing similar conclusions to the disaster. Videos showing what is obviously a large impact and a fire ball, with he sounds of the explosion coming a few seconds later.

The sound of the explosion is really enough evidence to come to a conclusion. The concussive force generated was far greater than what a jet malfunction could have produced. It was the sound of artillery, there is no mistaking it.

Here is a video of a simulation of the take off and explosion.

In the simulation an explosion occurs between the cockpit and the wing section. In the actual video you can see the large flash and moments later the sonic portion of the explosion is heard

The angle and direction of the tail exhaust would indicate that it was struck by a missile. You may ask, then why didn’t the plane just explode and come down? How could it have tried to turn and land before crashing like the Iranians claim.

If you look at some pictures of the crash site there are a few things you will notice.

Across many sections of the plane there seem to be holes that resemble bullet holes. Punctures that all have an inward displacement. I apologize for the poor quality pictures, the Iranians have not been very forthcoming. You can clearly see the anomalies though. In this next video, the simulation shows a type of surface to air missile that is in use by the Iranians.

So as you see, the Iranians logic as to why it could not have been a missile attack is obviously very flawed. They know this as well. Using that fact as the actual bases of their deniability.

Here is an article and video on the projectile holes. They claim the plane was shot down, but the aforementioned missile is more likely.

Now there are some other mitigating factors of this incident. Although there were a lot of Canadian citizens, they were dual citizens, not Canadian nationals. Iran shot down a plane full of their own people. I am sure there may be a few on the manifest that were born outside of Iran, I have not seen it for myself. The media however has not mentioned a single person that was not in Canada to go to school. Should this make their deaths any less tragic or concerning? Absolutely not, but to wage war, or even a military response over a country accidentally shooting down a plane filled with their own people just seems a little much.

Another issue I have seen arise out of this is the blame placing by our own Canadian left wing media. In the question portion of Justin Trudeau’s announcement yesterday, reporters asked how much blame should be placed on Donald Trump for the incident. This is the most perplexing and ignorant spin I have heard by our media to date. How can we as an ally, chastise the President for fulfilling his duty to protect his citizens? and then BLAME him for deaths caused by the very threat that he tries to protect the world from? Canadians have died in Iraq as well, so Soleimani had their blood on his hands as well. President Trump had all of the authority and the right to take him out on the battlefield.

Many have been saying he just wants a war. His actions have said the opposite though. The acceptance of the proportional response by Iran, without escalating, shows he wishes for a peaceful solution. Iran did not cross the line, so they are safe for now. I can not say the same for their economy for 2020 though.


Here is the manifest.

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has published a list of 167 passengers who were on board the Boeing-737 flight PS752 Tehran-Kyiv that crashed early on Wednesday shortly after takeoff.

The relevant information has been posted on the UIA website.

The list contains the names in English, as well as dates of birth.

Flight PS752 passenger list:

Abaspourqadi Mohamm 1986

Abbasnezhad Mojtaba 1993

Abtahiforoushani Seyedmehran 1982

Aghabali Iman 1991

Agha Miri Maryam 1973

Ahmadi Motahereh 2011

Ahmadi Muh Sen 2014

Ahmadi Rahmtin 2010

Ahmadi Sekinhe 1989

Ahmady Mitra 1973

Amirliravi Mahsa 1989

Arasteh Fareed 1987

Arbabbahrami Arshia 2000

Arsalani Evin 1990

Asadilari Mohammadhossein 1996

Asadilari Zeynab 1998

Ashrafi Habibabadi Amir 1991

Attar Mahmood 1950

Azadian Roja 1977

Azhdari Ghanimat 1983

Badiei Ardestani Mehraban 2001

Bashiri Samira 1990

Beiruti Mohammad Amin 1990

Borghei Negar 1989

Choupannejad Shekoufeh 1963

Dadashnejad Delaram 1993

Daneshmand Mojgan 1976

Dhirani Asgar 1945

Djavadi Asll Hamidreza 1967

Djavadi Asll Kian 2002

Ebnoddin Hamidi Ardalan 1971

Ebnoddin Hamidi Kamyar 2004

Ebrahim Niloufar 1985

Ebrahimi Khoei Behnaz 1974

Eghbali Bazoft Shahrokh 1960

Eghbali Bazoft Shahzad 2011

Eghbalian Parisa 1977

Elyasi Mohammad Mahdi 1991

Emami Sayedmahdi 1959

Emami Sophie 2014

Eshaghian Dorcheh Mehdi 1995

Esmaeilion Reera 2010

Esnaashary Esfahani Mansour 1990

Faghihi Sharieh 1961

Falsafi Faezeh 1973

Falsafi Faraz 1988

Farzaneh Aida 1986

Feghahati Shakiba 1980

Foroutan Marzieh 1982

Ghaderpanah Iman 1985

Ghaderpanah Parinaz 1986

Ghafouri Azar Siavash 1984

Ghandchi Daniel 2011

Ghandchi Dorsa 2003

Ghasemi Ariani Milad 1987

Ghasemi Dastjerdi Fatemeh 1994

Ghasemi Amirhossein 1987

Ghasemi Kiana 2000

Ghavi Mandieh 1999

Ghavi Masoumeh 1989

Gholami Farideh 1981

Ghorbani Bahabadi A 1998

Golbabapour Suzan 1970

Gorji Pouneh 1994

Haghjoo Saharnaz 1982

Hajesfandiari Bahareh 1978

Hajiaghavand Sadaf 1992

Hajighassemi Mandieh 1981

Hamzeei Sara 1986

Hasani/sadi Zahra 1994

Hashemi Shanrzad 1974

Hassannezhad Parsa 2003

Hatefi Mostaghim Sahan 1987

Hayatdavoudi Hadis 1992

Jadidi Elsa 2011

Jadidi Pedran 1991

Jamshidi Shadi 1988

Jebelli Mohammaddam 1990

Kadkhoda Zaden Mohammaddam 1979

Kadkhodazaden Kasha 1990

Karamimoghadam Bahareh 1986

Katebi Rahimen 1999

Kaveh Azaden 1979

Kazerani Fatemeh 1987

Khadem Forough 1981

Kobiuk Olga 1958

Lindberg Emil 2012

Lindberg Erik 2010

Lindberg Raheleh 1982

Lindberg Mikael 1979

Madani Firouzeh 1965

Maghsoudlouestarabadi Siavash 1976

Maghsoudlouesterabadi Paria 2004

Mahmoodi Fatemeh 1989

Malakhova Olena 1981

Malek Maryam 1979

Maleki Dizaje Fereshteh 1972

Mamani Sara 1983

Mianji Mohammadjavad 1992

Moeini Mohammad 1984

Moghaddam Rosstin 2010

Mohammadi Mehdi 1999

Molani Hiva 1981

Molani Kurdia 2018

Moradi Amir 1998

Morattab Arvin 1984

Moshrefrazavimoghaddam Soheila 1964

Mousavi Daria 2005

Mousavi Dorina 2010

Mousavibafrooei Pedram 1972

Nabiyi Elnaz 1989

Naderi Farzahen 1981

Naghibi Zahra 1975

Naghib Lahouti Mehr 1987

Nahavandi Milad 1985

Niazi Arnica 2011

Niazi Arsan 2008

Niknam Farhad 1975

Norouzi Alireza 2008

Nourian Ghazal 1993

Oladi Alma 1992

Omidbakhsh Roja 1996

Ovaysi Amir Hossein 1978

Ovaysi Asal 2013

Pasavand Fatemeh 2002

Pey Alireza 1972

Pourghaderi Ayeshe 1983

Pourjam Mansour 1966

Pourshabanoshibi Naser 1966

Pourzarabi Arash 1993

Raana Shahab 1983

Rahimi Jiwan 2016

Rahimi Razgar 1981

Rahmanifar Nasim 1994

Razzaghi Khamsi Ni 1974

Rezai Mahdi 2000

Rezae Hossain 1999

Saadat Saba 1998

Saadat Sara 1996

Saadat Zeinolabedin 1990

Saati Kasra 1972

Sadeghi Alvand 1990

Sadeghi Anisa 2009

Sadeghi Mirmohammad 1976

Sadeghi Sahand 1980

Sadighi Neda 1969

Sadr Niloufar 1958

Sadr Seyednoojan 2008

Saeedinia Amirhosse 1994

Safarpoorkoloor Pe 1999

Saket Mohammadhosse 1986

Salahi Moh 1988

Saleheh Mohammad 1987

Saraeian Sajedeh 1993

Setareh Kokab Hamid 1988

Shadkhoo Sheyda 1978

Shaterpour Khiaban 1988

Soltani Paniz 1991

Tahmasebi Khademasa 1984

Tajik Mahdi 1999

Tajik Shahram 1998

Tarbhai Afifa 1964

Tarbha Alina 1988

Toghian Darya 1997

Zarei Arad 2002

Zibaie Maya 2004

Zokaei Sam 1977

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