NDP-The New Deceptive Party.

We have all realized that this would be a brutal election. I for one though, did not think the majority of it would be coming from the NDP and its leader Jagmeet Singh. From suppressing speech of opponents, to mailing false info in pamphlets to voters on a national level. Jagmeet Singh seemed to think his blatant lies would not be called out.

Green party leader Elizabeth May saying:

“I don’t want to tar the local candidates with the brush of what there national party has done, the NDP should be ashamed of themselves.”

May, hitting hard on Jagmeet Singh’s recent political tactics, continued with:

“They are knowingly distributing misinformation and disinformation intending to mislead voters.”

Stating she received pamphlets which said things that she did not ever say.

Here is their pamphlet:

CTV ran an article on how Jagmeet is intentionally deceiving the public.


This deception is also seen within its own party. Jagmeet Singh has publicly denounced Justin Trudeau many times. Giving his party supporters the illusion he opposes his policies, then he admits to planning on forming a coalition with Trudeau if the numbers would give him a majority. This coming after the early voting had started, most likely left some voters perplexed at who they just voted for.

The trend of deception seems to be popular with both ‘sibling’ parties. Trudeau did state that this election would be dirty, and his Liberal party is keeping to that promise. Sending pamphlets around on gun issues that simply are not true. Here is an example:

Global news reported today that Justin Trudeau refuted the Conservative claims that a Liberal-NDP coalition would raise the GST, with Global news reiterating that a raise in taxes is not a part of the platform.

The problem with that is, you can not promise added services and reforms, as massive as they have proposed, without additional taxes. And of course they wouldn’t raise the GST, the best way to do it, would be to leave the GST how it is, and implement NEW taxes for the added services. Maybe the ‘Equality Tax’ or something. People would buy that. It has to come from somewhere people. The Conservatives are simply deducing the plan behind the plan, much less dishonest than making up pure lies, like the Lib-Dem’s.

The whole ‘It is going to come from the rich’ tactic, is probably the most cockamamie idea I have heard yet. The fastest way to deplete a country of its wealth is to force higher taxes on the wealthy. The wealthy will simply leave Canada for greener pastures. I know it all sounds great and all, to take from the rich and give to the poor, but this is not Sherwood forest, and the government is certainly not Robin Hood. It is not just unfair to raise taxes on the rich, and not the middle class, It has to be done equally, or it is unconstitutional.

Everyone on the left is lying to you about what they are going to do for Canada. None of their plans are going to work, without your continued suffering.

You should really think about who you are voting for this Monday. If they lie about these things, do you think they are really going to make good on their campaign promises? Do they ever? Voters should be looking at what platforms are actually possible, without economic disaster. Look to the ones ‘not’ promising everything you ever wanted. They are the ones that can get things done.

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