Political Oppression

I have written about this subject before. That was more specific to the censorship of Maxime Bernier though. This has more to do with the PPC candidates running for office across the country. With almost a full deck of candidates the PPC has accomplished what many thought to be impossible. Unfortunately, the candidates have had vandalism to their signage, hate directed to them personally, written threatening warnings, even municipal leaders and organizations stating that the People’s Party is not welcome. It seems like the battle of the People’s Party is not just for votes, but a battle for basic rights and freedoms that every other party seems to enjoy.

We are at a critical point of our countries history. So many issues are at the forefront of societies attention, and the divide between ideologies are so great that conversation, which can usually bridge that gap, seems to be falling short. People these days, are unable to enter into a conversation when they expect to have their opinions challenged. They view any attempt at this as a hateful act. They will assume you are a racist without even speaking a word to you. This factor is what makes this situation so aggravating to be involved in. It is hard to change the mind of someone who will not listen. Although I usually do not care what people think of me, I do care about being called a racist. I have many minority friends, who I care about, and even though they would never believe such BS, I would hate for them to even contemplate the idea. I also work with immigrants and such accusations could damage my reputation and limit my ability to assist people who are in need.

Regardless of the impact this has on me personally. I am more concerned what the implications are for Canada. If we start ostracizing political parties for opposing views, if we limit the exposure of a party by force or official measure, then we are basically a fascist democracy. Which in my opinion is an oxymoron, or more plainly, moronic. All the while we have a para-terrorist group supporting and spreading this hatred, yet claiming to oppose fascism, even naming themselves AntiFa. The irony leaves such a horrible taste in my mouth.

In many countries, the discrimination of someone based on political affiliation is illegal in the workplace. All provinces except Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan have legislation, in the form of Human Rights Charters, against it. Regardless, in the public forum there are no mechanisms or even social components that limit this kind of behaviour. In the past, I think it was decency that prevented people from calling others outside of their name. The were decent enough to know that you can not paint with a broad stroke. We have lost this decency somewhere along the way.

Many factors are at play in the degradation of this critical component of a peaceful society. The medias vilification has a big part in it. When a group of people are vilified consistently, when their actions and opinions are spun to fit their narrative of hate, the people will eventually fall for it, they will absorb the keyword that are repeated over and over. Racist, Bigot, Islamophobia, homophobic. Any word that has intrinsic hate is thrown around over and over. Its what sticks in their heads, and it is what comes out when confronted with this new ‘enemy’. We seen this before. Germany, in the 1930’s. It was a political tool back then as well. It may have changed names, but It has not changed in its function.

I really do not know what the solution to this problem is. I also fear that things can not get any worse without something regretful happening. Without violence escalating to dangerous levels. This is the outcome that has happened in the past. Those who do not know histories mistakes, are doomed to repeat them. We are unfortunately at the precipice of history repeating itself once again, unless we all learn that the only thing we should hate, is hate itself.

I apologize for the shorter articles, I have taken on additional responsibilities for the election cycle. I will still try to get one out every other day or so, I think it is important to get these views out there. To show support in as many ways as we can, and remember, you can always help too……

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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