At this point in time, Trudeau and his Global Warming Alarmist Party are planning to shut down a 20 billion dollar expansion of the Alberta Oil Sands. In exchange, they are proposing some half baked socialist scheme to deal with closing down some shuttered oil wells . Apparently, Trudeau is so clueless of Western Canadian culture that he doesn’t understand that the wealth producing Provinces are not vaguely interested in some ill conceived welfare scheme concocted in Ottawa.

If Trudeau and his Cabinet do not approve the Oil Sands expansion, they can expect Albertans to quickly organize a Referendum and vote clearly in favour of separating from Canada. So, the question is whether Eastern Canada has the political acumen to save Confederation or whether they will continue to be so provincial in their perspective that they blithely support a Liberal decision which is catastrophic for the oil producing Provinces.


As a devout apostle of the Global Warming Religion, Trudeau and his Cabinet believe that man-made CO2 is going to cause a catastrophic warming of the Planet. Despite the fact that all empirical evidence shows CO2 levels increase about 600 years AFTER global warming occurs and can’t possibly be the CAUSE of global warming; despite the fact that there is no correlation between CO2 content in the atmosphere and global temperatures; and despite the fact that historically CO2 has been many times higher than it is at present and no catastrophe occurred, the Liberals remain fixated on their man-made global warming belief system.

Given our ethos of religious freedom, no one can reasonably object to Trudeau having his global warming religious beliefs. However, he has mixed his religious beliefs with government policy and those policies threaten the very existence of the Canadian Confederation.


Once one has actually read the science and has realized that not only is man-made CO2 not a threat to civilization but in fact the increase in CO2 is staving off a dangerous depletion of CO2 and causing a greening of the Planet, one can then return to making sensible governmental policy.

With the instability in Iran, Canada’s policy makers should be offering a stable supply of oil to Britain, France, Germany and the other European countries which presently rely on oil from Iran which is a country on the verge of collapse.

Canada’s policy makers should be rushing to complete Pipeline East so that they can supply these European markets.

Are they doing either of these things? Of course not!!! Instead, they are sitting around pretending that they are going to produce this magical New Green Economy and somehow a modern State will operate on windmills and solar panels. In the meantime Billions of Dollars of Trade, and thousands of well paying jobs are simply thrown away. And, the net result is that President Trump, the consummate businessman, is gearing up to take over that entire energy market for the U.S.A. and Canada is going to be caught sitting on the sidelines.


The very idea that Alberta and Saskatchewan are going to sit by placidly acquiescing to the religious fantasies of Ottawa, is the result of a education system in Central Canada which has trained its students that Western Canada is merely a convenient colony to be exploited for the benefit of the Laurentian Elites. In actuality, Western Canada is a modern and as cosmopolitan as anything that exists east of the Manitoba border. In actuality, Western Canada is (unlike Quebec) financially positioned to run an independent State. And the reality is that the West has no intention of sitting back passively as Central Canada partakes in their Global Warming fantasies and destroys the economy of the West and the families who built that economy.

If Eastern Canada is unwilling or unable to develop viable policies which benefit the nation from Coast to Coast, the West will find it necessary to become an independent State and make the necessary arrangements with Trump so that they can conduct international trade for their natural resources. After all, the U.S. has a long history of trading with Western Canada and President Trump will be more than interested in dealing with a free democratic nation which owns 1/3 of the world’s oil and gas.

It seems Canada’s future is in the hands of Central Canada since they, and they alone, get to choose Canada’s national government and make the policies. However, one thing is very certain, no part time drama teacher with a name which is famous in Montreal, is going to destroy Western Canada.

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