Some of Trumps Accomplishments

  • Trump in 3 years –
  • Hit a 4.2 GDP
  • 400% incr in black-owned businesses
  • Highest Hispanic & female employment
  • Lowest Vet unemployment in 20 years
  • Over 6 million new jobs to date
  • Doubled the child tax credit
  • Food stamps enrollment down by 6,267,285
  • Reduced regulations that have killed jobs
  • Lowered corp taxes so companies are reinvesting in America.
  • When Trump took over, NATO was never weaker and because of the increased spending by European countries (thanks to Trump) it’s stronger than it has been in decades
  • All time high in consumer confidence
  • Record highs in the stock market
  • Repatriation of billions back into the US economy
  • Signed “Buy American Hire American” initiative
  • Appointing federal judges that are pro constitution
  • Withdrew from the TPP trade agreement
  • Exited the Paris accord
  • Denied the FBI a new building
  • Reversed Dodd-Frank
  • Repealed DOT ruling (which took power away from local govts for infrastructure planning)
  • Banning bump stocks
  • USMCA Mexico-Canada trade deal made (a partisan deal Pelosi won’t bring forward for a vote because she’s more concerned about giving Trump a win than she is about the American people)
  • 400,000 new mfg jobs (must have used that magic wand)
  • 806,000 workers returned to the labor market as of February 2018
  • 1.3 million children lifted out of poverty
  • Pulling billions in funds from the UN
  • Single handedly waking up the world to the concept of balanced international trade!
  • Five year lobbying ban
  • Deported a Nazi in New York who no one else could get out for years
  • Reduced the White House payroll by $22 million
  • Moved the embassy to Jerusalem
  • US is now energy independent
  • Gag clauses removed from pharmacies
  • SCOTUS ruling in favor of Janus (public sector employees could choose to quit unions and NOT pay dues if they choose)
  • Terminated Iran deal, one of the worst deals ever made
  • Opened dialogue w/ the Korean Peninsula and US casualties returned to USA
  • Strongest sanctions against Iran
  • Toughest sanctions on Russia by any president ever!
  • Standing up to China!
  • Merit Act introduced – to have the same accountability in government as done with VA
  • Donates his salary (and so does his SIL and daughter)
  • Gave power to states to drug test unemployment recipients
  • Kate’s Law (increased penalties for previously-deported criminals)
  • $100 Million to fix water problem in Flint, MI
  • Gave states power to go outside the country to purchase drugs that cost more in US than Canada etc
  • Signed a memorandum asking the Dept of Education to erase the debt of any permanently disabled vet
  • Targeting MS 13 gang in the US
  • Working on “Favored Nations” regarding prescription drugs (US pays more for the same drugs other countries pay much less for. With this ruling US will pay the same price as the lowest amount being paid by other nations for the same drug.)
  • Pardoned Dinesh D’Souza and Alice Johnson
  • School vouchers so inner city parents can send their kids to better schools.
  • Supports the military, police, ICE and border patrol
  • Negotiated the release of 6 humanitarian workers held captive in Egypt
  • Increased the American economy by 5 trillion dollars
  • Communicates directly with American citizens through twitter bypassing the hostile media
  • Has done all of this even with the unbelievable amount of vitriol and lies coming from the left and MSM

US Census Bureau data in 2018 –

  • -11.8% poverty rate
  • – 1.4M fewer living in poverty than 2017
  • – 2.3M more working full time year round

Signed Exec Orders for –

  • – Religious freedom
  • – Targeting drug cartels
  • – To protect police officers
  • – Promoting energy independence and economic growth


  • Right To Try (to help terminally ill)
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Second Chance
  • Save Our Seas Act
  • VA Choice (allowing private care option for veterans)
  • VA Accountability (removed 4,300 employees for cause)
  • Opportunity & Revitalization Council which invested $100 BILLION to rebuild low income and impoverished black neighborhoods ignored by DC for years.)

Created a commission –

  • – on child trafficking
  • – on election fraud
  • – for Opioids addiction

Not sure where people get off saying he is a bad President. I think his record speaks for itself. Imagine what he could have done if he did not have to fight tooth and nail for every single inch he has gained.

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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