The Hate of the ‘Anti-Hate network’

There has been a growing number of individuals involved in coordinated harassment of conservative supporters or anyone to the ‘Right’ of the political spectrum. A large online group now mobilizing to attack patriotic Canadians called the ‘Anti Hate Network’. A far left online network of extremists who locate and attempt to destroy any person or business that openly support an opinion that opposes their own. Masking this hate as ‘anti-hate’, much like ‘antifa’ does with fascism, they ruin peoples lives over having christian views yet will do the same if you do no agree with Islamic views. Unfounded accusations leading to businesses being unfairly ostracized and individuals being harassed and slandered publicly. The trend is quite alarming.

From what I see, everything that they do not like is considered bigoted.

So apparently you just have to be Christian and oppose Trudeau to be a bigot? I am not sure how that makes any sense.

Its also funny how they bash native people for supporting the PPC when the PPC has the best platform for indigenous people in Canada. Planning to abolish the unfair and oppressive Indian act in favor of something the works for them. So bigoted eh

Reading through their members comments you really get the feeling that they hate anyone who is not exactly like them and have the same opinions on everything from finance to immigration to the environment. They make up falsities to justify their feelings and outwardly rage, and then others take this as fact which perpetuates the useful lie. You can plainly see it. Its disgusting how delusional they are, and concerning how emboldened they have become.

I agree with a lot of their posts of course. Because there is REAL hate out there. Quite a bit unfortunately. There are neo-nazis out there, and they should be ostracized. That is hate, and I am disgusted by it. The fact remains that the resounding majority of PPC and conservative supporters feel the same way.

The difference, I think, is that bigotry is not hateful. Bigotry is ignorance. In its definition anyways. A person can have an opinion on homosexuality due to a religious belief. That does not make them hateful. They were not given the proper information to draw a proper conclusion is all. I don’t think that any of the people would say that they hate the individual for their acts. They would love them like they love any other human. An opinion does not make a hateful person.

You can oppose increased immigration without being racist too. They seem to target any person or party who threatens to steer the country away from an open boarder immigration policy. Or merely ‘insinuating’ that Trudeau needlessly gives money to the international community. Well gosh darn it, I must be a racist, because I do think we have too many things to spend money on here at home, and shouldn’t be paying African countries to reduce carbon emissions.

Reading on you come across the Trudeau ‘Blackface scandal’ Now when it is one of their own, they flip it around and make it the alt-right that is at fault.

Entirely different when its a fellow Liberal. His racism is ok, but others is not, because he said it was racism. This is apparently the key to being racist. Admit it you used to be, and its ok.

They don’t even realize that the outrage about blackface was entirely in spite of the Lefts incessant vilification of any, and all, Right wing ideology. A ‘Taste of your own medicine’ if you will. We do not really care about these kind of things. Especially when they were from years ago, when it was a different time. We understand that a singular action does not make a racist.

Never mind the fact that most ‘brown’ people dont even care. Probably one of the best replies was this:

They may have been referring to the backlash of conservatives, but regardless, it is a perfect representation of the entire anti-hate/PC culture/social activist genre of the political world. Which is refreshing to see thrown in their face, even though they may not have felt it due to the enormous amount of egg already on their face.

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.