The Latest Victim Of The Left, Don Cherry

The attacks on Canadians and Canadian culture by the left has reached new highs this past week. The beloved Don Cherry was fired by Rogers/Sportsnet for his comments on Friday nights ‘Hockey Night in Canada’. The comments, which Mr. Cherry admitted he should have worded differently, were not directed towards immigrants or any group other that people who do not buy poppies. Regardless, the left wing media mafia exploded in a rage of racist accusations. Apparently ‘you people’ is now a discriminating term, regardless of who it is directed towards.

The ‘Offending’ Video

This report even quoting a Muslim sports reporter as saying Don Cherry’s ‘narrative that all war veterans were white, is not only inaccurate but an insult’ The real problem today is this form of propagation of hatred. Nobody ever said that all war veterans were white. How was that even implied? I think that She needs to be fired.

My Opinion

You people, who come from wherever, should buy poppies.

I totally agree with that statement, and do not think it is racist in the least.

Here is a racist statement:

‘You people, from your dirty countries, are too stupid to buy poppies because you are not civilized enough to understand sacrifice. Buy them or get out.’ -no one

That would be racist. It is giving a negative attribute to a person based on where they were born. Don was merely identifying the people who do not buy poppies, and explained why it is important.

I knew right away that Don would lose his position at SportsNet. Corporations are hypersensitive to social issues and how the impact their overall image. A corporation will fire even their best talent, 9 times out of 10, in order to save face. Corporations are not people. Corporations are machines, with no feelings or loyalty to humans or ideologies. Their only loyalty is to the bottom line. They are afraid of being destroyed by social media because they recognize its power. We have seen, time and time again, large companies crumbling under the pressure of social activists online. It disgraceful, and disheartening.

PC Culture.

In our extreme PC culture, you can now infer discrimination from someones statements, regardless of the persons real meaning. This is where the slope gets slippery. We now are all in danger of losing our livelihood, our careers, our friends, if we do not self censor our speech, because if someone misinterprets our words, we will be ostracized, and maybe lose our jobs.

“Can you people in the break room be quiet!?”

Uh oh, you didn’t look to see who was in there, now you are being called racist, and are being called into H.R. because they were all Muslim. Are you trying to say all Muslims are loud??

This is what we have to look forward to. The mere interpretation of words as being racist. Next, of course, we will see this be adopted by the #metoo movement. Then we will not even be able to say “Have a nice day Janet” without it being interpreted as being sexual. You laugh now, just wait though, its coming.

Anything that can assist in changing public opinion, anything that can be used as a tool to accomplish their goals, will be exploited. No matter how ridiculous the tactic may seem, they know using the public’s emotions, will override their logic.

Public Opinion.

Public opinion is extremely important in progressing a nation. You can do anything with good public opinion. We have also seen the devastation this can cause with the Nazis during the war. Their propaganda machine was the key to their support and success throughout the war. You would be a fool to think it is not happening again. It just looks a little different, it acts a little different, but it is still the same monster.

They will put a star on everyone who shows any nationalism, who shows any resistance to the liberal machine. We will be separated into two groups, One of the willing, and one of the unwilling. They will discredit and remove any celebrity or figure head, that shares our opinions, until there is no one left, and we have no voice. I can see that this is their plan, that is the great thing about history. We can learn from it.

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