Who Doesn’t Hate Carbon Taxes?

China, United States and the United Nations just to name a few.

Carbon taxes are probably one of the most opposed systems of combating climate change. It is obviously not going to stop any usage, and simply creates more difficulties for every day Canadians. It really is unfair when Canadians actually do try to conserve resources, we are generally environmentally conscious. Regardless we are punished with increased taxes on resources we require to live. They are not luxuries, or things we can do without. If we do not have heating fuel, we can die up here in the winter.

Even though studies show that with a $70 per ton tax we still will fall short of our promised targets, and many Canadians can not afford the $20 one that is imposed as it is, the federal government still celebrates the system as a significant contribution to the global crisis. We should never have to choose between eating or heating our homes in the dead of winter. That is what these taxes will do. I personally am almost to that point now. Why cant we penalize the actual people who are polluting unnecessarily?


Regardless of the actual validity of the climate change crisis, emissions should be regulated and maintained on an international level.When you look at the bigger picture, you realize that our output of CO2 is actually inconsequential to the global levels. We really would not make a difference even if we went to zero output. Countries like China, India, United States Russia, Japan, all have much higher outputs which account for the majority of the global levels recorded.

The Canadian government has no problem doing trade with these nations who pollute indiscriminately, while they penalize their citizens for using essential commodities. It is not fair, it doesn’t work, and we should not put up with it any longer.

There is a metric for emissions to dollars called emission intensity. China has an emission intensity of .6 This mean that for every dollar, there was .6 kg of co2 output. That is extremely high. The United States has one of .3 Canada .4



Canada does almost 50 billion in trade with China in 2016, so probably a little higher now. This works out to about 30 Million tons of co2. Taxing this amount at the $50 per ton they are proposing to go up to for the carbon tax works out to around $1.5 billion in taxes.

Canada has an even larger trade economy with the United States, with over $300 billion in trade going both ways. Even with their reduced emission intensity, and giving them a lower preferential tax rate of $30 per ton, the revenue would be nearly $3 billion.

In their April 2019 report, Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer estimated that the federal government will generate 2.63 billion in carbon pricing revenues. This off the backs of hard working, struggling Canadians. While the untapped $4.5 billion goes uncollected. If these environmental tariffs were to be implemented, we could not only eliminate our own native taxes, we could generate income from offending countries to help reduce our own emissions intensity, giving other countries initiative to better theirs as well.

The Globalists.

If the government really wanted to combat global CO2 levels, they would not be taxing the citizens of the lowest producers. They would be implementing strategic plans given to them by really smart people. I would hope anyways. Maybe I have way too much confidence in the ability of the federal government, or maybe they are simply directing their focus on something else. Something more sinister and more of a threat than climate change will ever be. Globalists have not just been playing the long game, they have been playing the long long long game. For hundreds of years, spanning generations. You can trace it straight to where the whole ‘climate change crisis’ is inevitably coming from. The United Nations.

Of course you wouldn’t see the UN try to implement any kind of trade tariffs to help promote the reduction of emissions globally, they wouldn’t want to place the blame on the actual offenders. Their plan does not actually include helping the environment, it is one of wealth acquisition. Canada’s middle class is the wealthiest in the world. They want to equalize this on a global level. Tax the hell out of the well off Canadians so that they are not so well off, then give it to a country that is not so well of. All in the name of fighting climate change. We go poor, use the same amount of fuel, and the money gets wasted while it trickles down the ranks like rain through the trees, barely reaching the ground at all. That’s where our tax dollars go to.

If we taxed international offenders via trade tariffs. We could use that money to fund initiatives here at home. Rebates of buying electric cars, installing green electricity systems in homes, and reducing international reliance on fossil fuels. We could significantly reduce our emissions, while enriching our own lives, instead of taxing us to death.

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