A Small Win For The PPC

It looks as though Maxime Bernier has successful convinced the Leadership Debates Commissioner of his parties seriousness and his right to participate in the debates this coming October 7th and 10th. Stating “Based on our further evaluation, I’m satisfied that more than one candidate endorsed by the party has a reasonable chance to be elected,”

Maxime has been fighting on social media, along with thousands of supporters, signing various petitions, to allow the leader access to the critical election platform. This win comes shortly after the exclusion of Maxime Bernier from the Munk Leadership Debates on Foreign Policy, where Trudeau was a no show.

The persistent attempts to ostracize and exclude The People’s Party of Canada, by the media, both social and mainstream, has been a limiting factor of the growth of the new party. This win should allow for a larger reach to a vital demographic of Canadians unreachable by modern online advertising campaigns. This is just what is needed to get the message out to increase his support nationally.

The Commission based it decision on a number of factors, all of which the PPC would satisfy even by my own limited knowledge of the party.

  • Party membership, fundraising and organizational capacity;
  • Riding level polls (conducted by the Commission), publicly available riding polls and expert analysis that show support in designated ridings; and
  • Prominent media presence on a range of national issues.

The commissioner concluded his statement with:

With the benefit of more recent information,  I am of the view that the PPC has attracted a significant number of party members, has established a notable presence in the media and on the political landscape and, based on recent polling data, has achieved a reasonable chance of success in more than one riding,” says Johnston. “All of these factors together enable the PPC to satisfy two of the criteria established in our Order in Council.

In an extremely important election such as this one, I am certainly glad this decision was made. Many people are on the fence about what party to vote for. They are sick of the back and forth of the 2 party politics, with recent sudden shifts to the left, parties like the NDP do not represent real change to Canadians either. The PPC, regardless of the slanderous attempts to defame its members and its policies, represents the change that most Canadians want, and all Canadians need. I hope Maxime capitalizes on this and makes a good impression to sway the millions of people looking for someone to get behind.

I will challenge anyone to definitively identify an opinion of Maxime Bernier’s as bigoted or racist. A task that I am sure all left wing contributors for MSM will be attempting to do during the debates.

Recently, PPC supporters were harassed by Macleans Magazine contributor Andray Domise. Who admittedly yelled profanities at the supporters outside of a building, with terms like “Nazi”

Andrey has a history of domestic abuse, an issue that has been publicized since at least 2017 with a National Post article

This is the kind of behavior that has become common place. Even Marc Emery, a prominent Marijuana activist was called a Nazi by Ex Greens leader and BC radio host Stuart Parker. If you do not share their opinions and values, you are obviously a Nazi. It is progressively getting worse, and its increasingly becoming concerning.

A Transcript of the acceptance letter to Maxime Bernier:

The Honourable Maxime Bernier
Leader of the People’s Party of Canada

Dear Mr. Bernier,

On behalf of the Leaders’ Debates Commission, I hereby invite you to participate in the two leaders’ debates we are organizing during the upcoming federal election campaign. Your party satisfies two of the three participation criteria outlined in our Order in Council.  You have satisfied me that you intend to field candidates in 90% of ridings and, based on recent political context, public opinion polls and previous general election results, I consider that more than one candidate of your party has a legitimate chance to be elected.

The text of my decision, attached to this letter, provides its rationale.

We will contact your office today to connect you with the debates producer for the October 7 and October 10, 2019 debates.

Yours faithfully,

David Johnston

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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