A Worrying Trend

I am not sure if it is because of legalization that Canadians have such a short term memory loss, but something is wrong with people that Justin Trudeau is leading in favorability in a recent Nanos poll. Do these people forget that the PMO has been involved in at least 2 scandals that resulted in unfavorable investigations by the ethics committee, ruling that the PM was guilty of ethics violations? Regardless, people decide to ignore these facts. Justin Trudeau, the liberal poster boy, seems to be untouchable.

Liberal media seems to be extremely effective in swaying the opinions of the general public. The fact that all major Canadian media outlets (or at least their columnists) are predominantly liberal, or left leaning, gives an advantage to the Liberal party. Justin continues to commit funds to international interests and shamelessly give tax breaks in an attempt to sway opinion in his favor. Dodging questions from the opposition in parliament as well as limiting his need to answer tough questions by opposition by not attending various debates. Justin has seemingly decided to run from his problems, instead of facing them head on, and the Liberal party is complacent.

Polls do show that nearly the same amount of people who support the Liberal party, are ‘unsure’ as to who they would vote for at this time. Making the outcome almost impossible to predict until more people make up their minds. These people, that are on the fence, need to be reminded about Trudeau. How he commits ethics violations with no remorse. How he is How he is systematically selling out our country. We need to remind them that 4 more years of progressing complacency of UN intervention in our sovereign right to make our own laws may destroy the very fabric of Canadian culture. Remind them of the numerous times he has made himself look like an ass on the world stage. Remind them who he is. A rich kid, who grew up in the lap of luxury. Someone who allows the mocking of poor people within his party, who belittles women who have the courage to stand up for what they believe to be right.

The 2 ethics violations should be enough to make Justin ineligible to run again. The Liberal party loves their fearless leader though. You can bet your dollars that they will double down in the coming months with their vilification of conservatives and their values. This is the only way that they can run from their own demons, by creating a bigger and nastier enemy. The concerning thing, is ta lot of people are falling for it.

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Trudeau II report:

Nanos poll:

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