Andrew Scheers ‘Green Public Transit Tax Credit’

Andrew Scheer spoke in front of a crowd in Mississauga today to announce his new ‘Green Public Transit Tax Credit’ in one of his first major campaign promises. Sheer started out by saying:

“Justin Trudeau has spent the last 4 years of your life making life more expensive. He said he would help the middle class, instead he has raised taxes on 80% of middle class Canadians. He said he would balance the budget, instead he racked up huge debt and deficits that will threaten our social programs. He said he would help you, instead he got rid of important tax credit, including the public transit tax credit, increasing the cost of taking the bus or train to work every day. He made it more expensive to live your life the way you want to live it.”

Scheer went on to talk about how important public transit is to families. Which is true. I certainly need to use transit to do many things. I get groceries with public transit even. Transit systems are already highly subsidized by the municipality. Subsidies that come from your taxes.

Sheer followed with:

“As Prime Minister, I will
introduce the Green Public Transit Tax Credit, to reduce the cost of
public transit and make sure you can keep more of your hard earned

Some people might keep some money.
True, but who? I know many low income families who are on assistance,
they get free bus passes, middle class families everywhere, except
maybe big cities, usually have vehicles to get where they need to go.
So the only people I can see this helping in a significant way, would
be families in highly populated urban areas. This is Canada, we have
5 cities with more that a million people, and only 3 of them have any
kind of subway or rapid transport system.

Scheer continued talking about the importance of encouraging people to take public transport as a means to reduce green house gasses. Stating it was “Important part of our real plan to protect our environment” he said, “A plan that strikes a balance between reducing emissions to fight climate change, while keeping our core promise to leave more money in your pockets so you can get ahead” Talking about families under pressure with mounting bills and debts he stated “I believe its our job, Canada’s conservatives, to help you get ahead”

Scheer concluded with:

“This election more than ever, Canadians are looking to candidates, to leaders, to parties for help. They are looking for a plan that they can trust, a plan to relive that pressure. My plan is focused on you. The green public transit tax credit is the kind of money saving measure that Canadians can expect from a new conservative government this fall. I have so much sympathy watching Canadians struggle to live within their means while paying taxes to a government that refuses to live within theirs. A government that has over spent and under delivered for all Canadians. Its not right and its not fair.”

Agreed Andrew, problem is, you do not sound very good talking about over spending after unveiling your new jet all beautifully painted with your name. That is a lot of donor money Andrew, and a lot of CO2. Much more than, say, a bus. So while you heavily pollute, because you want to get places quickly, we should take the bus to work instead of driving…. Gotcha!

Scheer continues by attacking Trudeau’s obvious fiscal and economic shortcomings it his normal style. Summing it up with “This is exactly the kind of recklessness that Canadians can expect with 4 more years of Trudeau, poor judgment, higher taxes more expenses and less money in your pockets. That is the choice that Canadians have, a Trudeau government that raised taxes, racked up debt and deficits and made your life more expensive, or a new conservative government that will live within its means so it can lower taxes and make your life more affordable” Talking about Trudeau’s Carbon tax, Scheer said he would “scrap it” and that he would balance the budget. Finalizing his statement Sheer said “That is my positive conservative vision, and that is what I am offering to Canadians on October 21st

I don’t know, does the government actually have that many expenses that if cut the rest of Canada would notice? I would think it would be drops in the bucket even if we took away everyone’s salaries. Living within your means might pay for the Transit tax credit you just announced. One step forward one step back. But I guess that’s how you dance with the status quo.

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