Confronting Chaos

When you watch Greta Thunberg’s childish end of the world outbursts, Antifa’s violent attempts to prevent a Maxime Bernier/Dave Rubin’s speaking engagement, and the Democrats attempt to impeach Trump over a simple telephone conversation, you are forced to conclude we have entered the theater of the absurd.

The complete disregard for the norms of civil discourse combined with a reckless abuse of logic and common sense creates an aura of utter bewilderment.

Any attempt to comprehend these events leaves the average person asking a simple question —- how did we arrive at a juncture in which our cultural norms are being replace by irrational chaos?


Any attempt to make sense of this chaos forces the thoughtful person to confront the phenomenon of Cultural Marxism. Karl Marx’s prediction that the proletariat would rise up and overthrow the bourgeoisie failed to occur. Modern capitalism did not make the working class poorer and poorer. Instead, Modern Capitalism placed the working class in comfortable homes filled with electronic conveniences with an automobile in the garage.

Recognizing that Marx’s class warfare had fizzled, the Political Left transitioned from an economic/class revolution to a cultural revolution. The old class warfare of the proletariat vs. bourgeoisie was to transition into the identity politics which holds currency in the political arena today. It was to be a conflict between races, a conflict over sexual orientation, a conflict between male and female, and a conflict between believers and atheists. The economic Marxist revolution was to be replaced by the cultural Marxist revolution. This was the great transition.


In order to achieve the great transition, the Leftists borrowed from China’s Mao Tsetung and decided that to achieve their cultural revolution they must embark on a “long march through the institutions” of western civilization. This meant that they would infiltrate the established institutions of liberal democracies and infuse those institutions with socialist ideas. Once Left-Wing democratic socialism was the norm within the schools, the media, and the bureaucracies, the stage would be set to move from a liberal democracy to a modern socialist society. By a patient and steady transformation of the culture of the various institutions of society, the Marxist dream of ending a capitalist economic system would become a reality.


The visionaries of the Political Left failed to foresee the rise of nationalist-populism as a reaction to their Cultural Marxism. The Left’s plan for one world government was met with a desire to retain the independent sovereign state. Nationalism emerged in Britain and produced the Brexit referendum victory. LaPenne emerged in France and a nationalist populist Party become the government in Italy while concurrently the political fortunes of Globalists Merkel and Macron plummeted.

The attempted take over of liberal democracies by the new managerial class of un-elected bureaucratic elites was also met by a rise in populism. The average citizen turned to the tools of social media and proceeded to counter the propaganda of the establishment.

The success of Nationalists-Populism took the Cultural Marxists by complete surprise. As epitomized by the post election excuses of Hillary Clinton, the Cultural Marxist establishment went into mass psychological denial. Unable to admit their pre-conceived Hegelian path through history was not unfolding as envisaged, they have resorted to any means to justify their end goal of Cultural Marxism.

As a result we have the child abuse of Greta Thunberg, the violation of Bernier and Rubin’s freedom of speech, and the completely unfounded attempts to impeach the nationalist populist Donald Trump.


As the sole nationalist populist Party in Canada, it is crucial for the PPC to take advantage of the surge in nationalist populism in the Western World. The PPC must avoid becoming embroiled in the largely fictional issues devised by the Liberals and Conservatives. They must focus on nationalist-populist issues.

They must promote the idea of rejecting the globalist Paris Accord and U.N. Migration Policy to protect Canadian independence and sovereignty. They must promote an economic policy which incentives our resource industry, builds pipelines, and ensures good manufacturing jobs are not exported to cheap foreign labour markets so that our county remains economically strong. And they must promote immigration policies which protect our core Canadian Values and prevent the country from transforming into a series of cultural ghettos.

In short, the PPC’ers have to put on their ball caps which promise to “MAX-imize Canada” and directly confront the insidious chaos of Cultural Marxism

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.