Hypocrisy of the Left

It has always been evident to conservatives, Liberals are hypocrites. They claim to be for women’s rights, but their leader is a chauvinist who has grabbed women and denied their recollection of it, outed female Members of Parliament for standing up to wrong doings. They even claim moral superiority while their PM racks up the most ethics violations and scandals of any Prime Minister. This is becoming even more apparent today with issues like Trudeau Dressing up like ‘Black face’, a racially charged character commonly used by racists in the past. Trudeau has been photographed on 3 separate occasions in the racist costume.

The way that I determine a racist, is by observing racist behavior, over a period of time. One act alone does not make a racist, it needs to be a behavior. Justin Trudeau has fulfilled my prerequisites for a racist.

It is awfully hypocritical of the left to vilify the right on its opinions, when they are complacent to the racist actions of their colleagues. This has been the way is has been for some time now, but enough is enough. We are continuously censored and excluded because our opinions differ from their own, when our opinions have nothing to do with the color of someones skin. We are called racist when our policies include all races, yet they can openly mock someones skin color, and most likely get away with it.

There are other red flags to this repugnance. Such as Liberal MP Karen Ludwig in New Brunswick who had her signs vandalized.

Regardless of the obvious symbolism error on the vandals part, I think the message here could be related to the recent vilification of many conservatives in the political and social realm, or maybe it could be a backlash of their own creation. An alt-left attack on their own for not falling in line enough with their agenda. Although, these could be extremely dubious assumptions, and could merely be the work of bored teenagers in possession of Dads stolen spray paint.

Regardless, the outcome is the same, the public outcry on social media, as bad as if they were calling out a racist, instead of being called one themselves. The twitter feed filled with claims of racist hate.

One supporter saying:

Another example of Scheers Racism why do his supporters allow this to happen they are just as guilty

Probably one of the most ridiculous statements I have heard from a Liberal in… well, only a day or so, but that is besides the point. At least they think its Scheer’s supporters and not Maxime Bernier’s, for once. How is ‘Scheer’ responsible for the act, making all his supporters ‘just as guilty’ guilty by association by possible association. They just call racist on anything these days, and its their label alone apparently.

The increasing obviousness of their hypocrisy will only be their ultimate demise in the long run. They have made a beast of ‘political correctness’ and ‘anti opposition’ so big that they can no longer contain it, and we all know they are not as virtuous as they would like to believe. They are bound to be eaten by it themselves.

It seems as though, this is what is happening with Trudeau and the Black Face scandal. Being the only thing talked about by all the major new outlets. Even though he is the Prime Minister and the leader of the most liberal Liberal party, the media is having a field day with it. And its great.

I do predict that most Liberal supporters will say “That was a good apology, I forgive him” and with all their moral superiority and virtue, they will still vote for him at the ballot booths. This kind of complacency is how a party is corrupted. When party loyalties outweigh common sense, we have lost something of democracy that seems to be important to its basic function.

I sincerely hope that voters this October realize the hypocrisy that is the Liberal party. I hope that they can open their eyes to this obvious campaign to vilify the right, while they themselves are the perpetrators of hate and divisiveness. I hope that they can see us in a natural light, not one filtered by leftist ignorance and bias. That they can see we are the true patriots. True Canadians who love each other regardless of race or religion. The true believers in Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility Respect and Fairness.

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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