Is Halifax Sitting in a Liberal Black Hole?

Its no secret that the Atlantic provinces have been Liberal country for some time. You can tell by the amount of red signs you see on front yards during election time. This year this trend seems to be breaking up and the strong hold is not as much of a sure bet as it once was. The Green party is setting unprecedented growth in support among the Atlantic provinces and the NDP seem to bee creeping up in the ranks as well. These polls, although very bias in its selection of participants, prove that voters, for the most part, are ready for a change.

I do not think that people have really taken a good look at other parties platforms, or at least the implications have not been made clear to them. Supporting the Green Party at this point would be supporting a complete collapse of Canadian society and favoring a recession that would bankrupt most Canadians and reduce the standard of living to those of a third world country. You may think that is a bit of a stretch, but I implore you, read over it, and find out for yourself HERE.

Halifax West, with a population of just over 70k registered voters, is represented by the Speaker of the House of Commons, Geoff Regan. Geoff has been sitting as an MP for 23 of his 27 years as a politician. Narrowly losing one election in 1997, only to gain the seat back in 2000. Geoff has been the Speaker of the House since December 3rd 2015. The Speaker is given use of an apartment located within the Parliament buildings as well as a private residence called The Farm located in Gatineau, Quebec. Geoff also receives a $255,300 a year salary, almost $100,000 more than a regular sitting MP. As the Speaker of the House, Geoff only votes in the case of a tie. Although he is not guaranteed to fill the roll of Speaker when the next Parliament is formed, if a Liberal government has majority, there is a good chance of it.

The problem I have with that is that Halifax West residents do not have their interests represented in Parliament. Their concerns can not be acted upon by way of legislative votes because their representative does not vote. You might say, that it just a necessary function of our democratic system, and I would tend to agree with you, but when he is from a district that is in such need of change, it just doesn’t make much sense to keep repeating the same thing over and over. Geoff has not changed anything for Nova Scotia or Halifax on the Federal level.

The 2016 census data recently released by Stats Canada show that Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in 2015 continued to have the highest rate (22.2%)  of children living in low-income families. On deep poverty overall Nova Scotia also places first among Canadian provinces, with 17.2% of its population (or 155,000 persons) considered low income.

Yet, we still take in more and more people, worsening the situation.

The challenge of being able to claw our way out of this Liberal mess is similar to that of escaping the event horizon of a black hole. In the heart of Liberal country our electorate has been sanitized of any semblance of critical thinking, creating a downward spiral that other candidates can not seem to break free from. Years of Liberal rule has left us needing a more conservative approach.

For years our workforce has left Nova Scotia for better opportunities in Western Canada. Our industries and trade that have made us strong in the past have been destroyed. We need someone that is willing to overhaul the system so that we can be self sustaining once again. Take down the barriers that limit our ability to see the growth that we need. We are growing, just in all the wrong places.

A People’s Party government would do just that. Abolishing trade barriers, ending the reliance on equalization, reducing corporate and income tax, many of the PPC policies represent a solid plan to reduce the cost of living, while increasing profitability of businesses. With less trade barriers, Nova Scotia’s industries could once again thrive, bringing high paying jobs and retaining our workforce. With a few simple actions we would no longer be the Have-not Province, but would quickly become one of the more wealthy provinces per capita.

Halifax west has now been doomed with not having a choice for the PPC party in coming elections. The deadline for confirmation was narrowly missed by a matter of minutes. This leaves it residents with little choice in changing the course of the countries political path.

Other districts have secured their candidates, but Halifax West remains a Liberal stronghold where other parties have not been able to penetrate.

My prediction is, there will me a minority government. I am not totally sure which government, Conservative or Liberal, but neither of them would be able to form a government. We will most likely have a year of back and forth’s ending with another writ being dropped after a non confidence vote. It would be nice if the PPC were to gain enough seats to be a player in these proceedings. I do not know what the chances are for that to happen, but here is hoping.

Probability of winning

 36%Probability of the Liberals winning a majority 

27%Probability of the Liberals winning the most seats but not a majority 

26%Probability of the Conservatives winning the most seats but not a majority 

10%Probability of the Conservatives winning a majority

I was not going to publish this article, due to the unfortunate loss of our candidate, but I decided to publish it anyways. It may lack a certain, je ne sais quoi, but take it how it is.

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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