Is Our Election Being Stolen From Us?

There have been some concerning rumors going around. Some would say a lot more than rumors. It involves non-citizens being given a way to vote in this coming election. This is just some preliminary information, but thought it important to get out there. There will be more articles on this.

Many Non-citizens have received voters cards form elections Canada. Using these cards, and a valid piece of identification, individuals can vote without facing any scrutiny whatsoever. Even without proper identification, if you have someone vouch for you, you can vote. One person wrote on Facebook about the elections Canada training course:

In the past…objections were filed WITH the vote and someone higher up made the call…..


And there is NO WAY to know which votes are invalid.

So I just came out of training for the federal election and I have to share some things I learned. Let me break it down.

Scenario 1: person comes in to vote….has no ID…but does have someone with ID..that lives in that neighborhood to vouch for them…they sign a vouch thing and a declaration and that vote is cast. Election official knows that person doesn’t live in that riding..(they generally get you to work where you live) Election official fills out objection form…BUT THAT VOTE IS STILL CAST

Scenario 2: Person brings in a library card and a bill screenshot on their phone with the applicable address…fills out a declaration and that vote is cast….person in line says “that’s not their name”….fills out an objection form…BUT THAT VOTE IS STILL CAST

Scenario 3: Person comes in and has proper ID…goes to vote…according to the records they have already voted….but they say they didn’t…so they fill out a declaration form..and cast their vote….someone sees them and says…”that person already voted” …they fill out an objection form….BUT THAT VOTE IS STILL CAST.

According to the trainer we had the current penalty for wrongly filling out a declaration form is $300 IF anyone notices at elections Canada….AFTER THE ELECTION.
I have worked elections before….this is all new, and I may get in shit for posting this…..or maybe everyone already knows and I’m just finding out?
All I know is…. that is NOT Democracy

This leaves a gaping loophole in our elections system. Have they gone insane to think that we will accept this blatant attempt to thwart our democracy? What are the excuses for this insane policy? This is the exact same tactic leftists are using south of the border. Add voters illegally to increase their support.

If we allow non-citizens to vote, without any check or balance, without a system to refuse these ballots, we will lose our country very quickly. if we do not reform our voting system to increase scrutiny instead of relaxing it, we will lose everything we hold dear, with no way to get it back, short of civil war. But it actually wouldn’t be a civil war, now would it?

I will have trouble accepting any result that comes from this election. Seeing that the Liberal government is so close in the polls, this would certainly tip the balance and ensure a victory for them. It is certainly a good back up plan. If you think that their extreme support of increased immigration is by coincidence, think again. Its an ingenious plan to import votes at quite a substantial rate.

There are multiple ways that someone could leverage this to be able to vote illegally. Even without all the illegal the votes being ‘counted’ they can gain an advantage. For example. The way the system seems to be playing out is, the officials will receive a set number of objections. With no way of determining ‘what’ votes were objected to, the only fair way would be to take a proportionally even amount off of all the candidates. The problem is, if they know that they are mostly votes for the Liberals, which is true, the offset gives the Liberal party advantage.

We are having our election stolen from us, and it concerns me greatly. It should concern you as well. I will be seeking further evidence regarding to this and will be following up with another article in the near future. If you have any information, please contact me at

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