Left In The Wake Of Democracy

As the day begins and the reality of our new political landscape sets in, I am left to wonder, what is to become of us as a nation. And although I had visions of an alliance on the right side of the fence, if the numbers allowed it, I am left contemplating the validity of an alliance voting in cabinet ministers.

It all seems like a big cheat. a way to combat ideologies instead of national issues. A tool to circumvent democracy in a way that limits its efficiency and effectiveness. If I was convinced that the entire NDP base were leftists, and not Jack Layton era loyal’s, then I would not have such a problem with this outcome, but I suspect many are this type of irresponsible voter, that has plagued our democratic system for years. All parties have them, but in this case, they are being led astray, far from their actual values.

My Prediction

It is safe to say, my prediction was a little off. I did not, or rather, I ‘choose not’ to take into account the Bloc, as they are just a separatist party, but they have increased their numbers 4 times. This is unprecedented for their party. I do not think anyone would have predicted that one. I siphoned many votes from Liberal in Quebec to mainly the green party, I guess I underestimated the Quebec’s continued disdain for being Canadian.

Here were my prediction numbers, next to the actual numbers:

  • Liberal 140 157 +17
  • Conservative 120 121 +1
  • Green 35 3 -32
  • NDP 32 24 -8
  • BQ 11 32 +21
  • PPC 2 0 -2
  • Other 1 0

The Green party did far worse than I though as well. Canadians did not see the climate crisis as much of an emergency to switch to their socialistic platform. I guess Canadians are smarter than that. Something I was beginning to doubt to be honest.

Maxime Bernier lost his seat, something I unfortunately predicted myself. Bringing the People’s Party of Canada to 0 seats. I really had hoped this would not have been the case. I had reservations to their success, but I still wanted it to happen. Canadians are not ready for such a nationalistic approach to politics. Not yet anyways.

The next 4 years are going to test the resolve of centrist Canadians. with the increase to immigration, increase of carbon taxes, increase in spending, increase in deficit, increase in homelessness and increase in poverty. There will be a lot of increases, just not the good ones.

So now we have Western Canada in an uproar. Starting the ‘Wexit’ movement to separate from Canada. (VoteWexit.com) I do not blame them really. They are very united in the direction they wish to go, and they have been limited by governments chosen by central Canada. I very well may join them if they figure out a way to do it. I know my values are more closely aligned with western Canadians. I certainly do not fit in here, in the heart of Liberal country.

You can expect to see a renewed push for separation of Quebec as well. With such high support this election they will certainly be emboldened in their cause.

All in all, this outcome could cause a lot of problems in Canada. It very well could tear us apart. With the divide between us growing at such an exponential rate, I am beginning to think that the only way for us to all be happy with our direction, is to go our separate ways and be done with the constant back and forth between the West , Central and Atlantic Canada.

We will see how the next few months go. Maybe this will help reign in Trudeau. Give some check and balances for once. I just don’t trust Jagmeet Singh to fill that role for our country.

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