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It seems as though most of the Liberal supporters, that gave the failing party its majority, have jumped ship and moved to the NDP party. Unbeknownst to them their vote will be ultimately for Trudeau anyways. Unless, of course, Singh can pull more seats than Trudeau out of his magic hat.. or in this case, magic turban. This is highly unlikely of course, but regardless of the dynamics, this coalition will bring in a new age of despair for many Canadians.

I am still holding on to the hopes that the Green party somehow pulls enough seats away from both parties that they can not form an alliance. Leaving the only real option of a vote of no confidence. Usually a waste of the countries time and money, in this case, it seems almost necessary. None of the leaders have any solid plans that will help Canadians get ahead. None of them have a platform that will combat any environmental issue. None of them show any traits that should be found in a leader. It seems like we have gotten old and just want to settle. Well this is not my dating life, it is my children’s future. I do not want to ‘settle’ when it comes to who is going to shape the nation they grow up in.

Maxime Bernier does actually have some good plans, but he blundered his opportunity for this election. Regardless of his supporters enthusiasm, which I do admire, they will have no influence in the House of Commons this session. Even my most generous predictions do not have them as a player, in any capacity.

Singh had a part in the vilification of the People’s Party of Canada and their leader Maxime Bernier. Jagmeet has publicly stated that Maxime should not be given a platform, simply because his opinions were different. This is the part of this coalition that I really do not like.

Its not the policies that I am worried about. Its not the economic fallout associated with the socialistic programs and carbon tax increases proposed by both NDP and Liberals. Its not the impacts to taxpayers for all the additional socialist programs proposed. Its not the historic amounts of ethics violations already committed by Justin Trudeau. Its not the fact that Jagmeet Singh thinks violence is as a justifiable tool to advance his religious beliefs. We can overcome all of that, we can forgive all of that, in time.

What I am worried about, is the complete dissolution of our Canadian society. Something that we can never get back. I am worried that we will lose the parts of us, that unites all of us, as Canadians, all races, colors, creeds and religions, I am afraid we will lose what does make us strong, in favor of something that, ultimately, divides us. I am afraid that the very rights and freedoms we have enjoyed in the past, such as freedom of speech and freedom of opinion, will be lost under the pretense of hate speech and racist ideologies. I fear that my children will not be able to openly voice their ideas and opinions for fear of being ostracized by society.

I am afraid that if this continues, without the normal checks an balances of a back and forth between parties and ideologies, that the silenced voices will resort to more desperate measures. Especially when the circumvention of our democracy is so blatantly obvious. Four more years of a Liberal led government will bring us ever closer to this and many other realities that we should be ever vigilant of avoiding. As a freedom loving country we should always uphold the basic freedoms afforded to us by the Charter of Human Rights. These rights are the foundation of our society, and like a buildings foundation, any erosion of these, will eventually bring the entire system down.

I know one thing for sure. The results of the election will not be the result that the majority of Canadians wanted. Stories of votes being looked at, and then destroyed by poll station workers. Issues surrounding voter registration, such as non-residents in Canada receiving voters cards. Ex patriots living abroad for as long as 10 years being offered the opportunity to vote again when they lost it years ago. Our voter pool is flooded with invalid votes, and there seems to be a concerted effort to silence votes in a strategic manner.

I am starting to lose faith in a good outcome of this election, there still is some hope I suppose, but that hope is fleeting. Coalitions make elections so much more unpredictable. I hate that they can simply take power without a real majority, it seems very undemocratic.

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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