The Debates.

The debates, which were held last night, were a horribly wonderful display of the ridiculousness that has taken over our political system. Each leader fulfilling all expectations of character or persona. From Scheer’s constant Trudeau bashing, Trudeau repeating his skewed statistics as his ‘accomplishments’ May shouting FIRE in a crowded room by way of policy, Singh playing identity politics to appeal to the left, Blanchet whining about not interfering with Quebec sovereignty and Bernier, well he played his usual role as well and was simply attacked all night and unable to articulate his defense properly and quickly enough.

The first question of the night was about how the leader would effectively defend both the interests and values of Canadians on the world stage. Each leader using the opportunity to introduce themselves and all but May actually address the answer in any way. Scheer comes straight out and attacks Trudeau ending with how he Is a phony and a fraud does not deserve to be Prime Minister.

Next the host started out with an attack on Maxime Bernier’s tweets. Giving all the leaders a chance to diminish Bernier’s character by falsely characterizing the tweets and putting their own context to the situation. This was not a trend that was continued through the night with the other leaders, as I had hoped would happen. But there was no mention of any other leaders scandals or questionable situations. Especially not in the way that Bernier was subjected to. This I think was extremely unfair, but Maxime pulled through with bringing the attention to both the NDP and Green party socialistic platforms and how Trudeau celebrates our diversity instead of our unity.

The first portion of the night was about affordability and cost of living. All parties giving their classic pitch to their platforms, none to convincingly. One notable idea that was repeated later in the night by Blanchet was to amend the equalization system to give incentive to provinces to deal with their green house gas emissions. The Provinces who do more, get paid more the provinces who do less pay in. This actually seems like a half decent idea. Although I am not a climate alarmist, I am an environmentalist who thinks we should clean up after ourselves regardless.

Singh took the hardest hits at Maxime Bernier, stating that Maxime had shown already, in his statements, why Singh did not want him to attend the event. That his message was somehow divisive. I think the only thing that was truly evident is Singh’s disrespect for someone right of opinion.

Blanchet continuously defended Quebec’s sovereignty and its right to pass Bill-21 . Arguing that Quebec does not need to be told what to do or what not to do about its own values or its language, nor themselves as a nation.’ Every leader agreed that the federal government should not intervene in this matter with the exception of Trudeau, who plans on ignoring the constitution and intervening the very popular provincial legislation. Blanchet also showed his support of the Liberal party in its SNC-Lavalin affair. Stating he was only concerned about the people with jobs at risk. Ripping into Scheer’s handling of the affair and blaming him for the plummeting stocks of the employees.

Break down

Singh’s biggest plan is to provide Universal Pharma care for all so that you use your health card to get medicine instead of your credit card and a housing department. With the in-depth strategy to combat climate change also included in his platform, i do not know how he is going to pay for it.

Scheer’s biggest plan is to give some rebates and tax cuts, and scrap the carbon tax. He plans on paying for this by reducing international spending by 25%. Which was not taken lightly by the other leaders.

The Green party’s biggest plan is to also provide free universal pharma care, but also plans to balance the budget in 5 years. That 1 year more that your term May. Good way to say you are not going to balance the budget.

Maxime Bernier explained how every leader would not be able to meet targets, and more importantly could not balance a budget. He brought light to how every platform would run a deficit when the PPC platform was the only one that would balance the budget in 2 years, and then lower taxes.

Overall the topics were pretty good, although not the best relevant answers. Most leaders used the time given to attack one another in a incoherent way that nobody understood what was being said. With the change in hosts between the segments, the control of the participants was sporadic at best.

My prediction for poll change:

  • Trudeau – 2.0
  • Scheer – 1.5
  • May – 2.5
  • Singh + 1.5
  • Bernier + 4.5

I think both Trudeau and Scheer lost ground with their incoherent bickering. They did not do any more than brag about their accomplishments, or bash the lack of them. The public is sick of this kind of politics in my opinion, so both of them are on the loser board for this one.

I think May lost some due to her inability to interject herself into the debate. She allowed herself to be overpowered by her opponents. And with similar platforms, Singh seemed to come out ahead with his articulation and relatively good digs on the other participants throughout the night. Like calling Scheer and Trudeau, Mr Deny and Mr Delay, referring to climate change.

Bernier I think is the biggest winner, simply because of the public’s lack of knowledge regarding the party, as well as the blatant attacks on Bernier’s ideas and opinions. People realize that talking about immigration is not hateful and divisive. People heard Bernier say a few times through the night “We are the only party” This peaked the interest of Canadians. I think he will gain the most ground in the next poll that represents this debate. This prediction is somewhat backed up by this search term graphic.

We will see when the next polls come out. I expect to see PPC sitting at closed to 10% which in my opinion is extremely good for his first appearance. Hopefully now people will listen a little more carefully when the new ads roll out and start playing nation wide. They will see that the hate actually comes from the left, and its directed towards any opposition of opinion.

The next debates, which will be in french, should be a much better opportunity for Bernier to articulate his stance on a number of issues. Hopefully it will allow him to increase his support in Quebec, which seems to be faltering with talk about forcing a pipeline by expropriating the land without their permission. A topic that is highly opposed by Quebec sovereigns. It will be a difficult task for Bernier, but I think with the right words, he may be able to sway some NDP supporters in the province.

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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