The Elections and The Cost of Living.

Recent polls show that the top concern of Canadians going into this election is the cost of living. A lot of middle class Canadians have been impacted by increasing costs in many areas of their life. With rental prices on the rise, the increase of carbon tax and inflated prices on foods, Canada is struggling to make end meet, and we have had enough.

Cost of living is the main concern of Canadians, mainly because it is the direct outcome of irresponsible policies. Both parties have a part in the blame for this, but most recently and with greater consequence was the Liberal parties policies.

The increase of rental prices is a direct consequence of the unmanageable numbers the Liberal government has allowed through the Immigration and Refugee program. Immigrants and refugees are allowed in, and left to their own to find housing. Many are attracted to the larger cites giving shady landlords access to higher demand, enticing them to increase their prices by hundreds of dollars. Even in smaller cities like Halifax Nova Scotia have less than a 1% vacancy rate. This impacts the lives of new immigrants as well as current residents. Some reporting not being able to find suitable housing for more than 6 months. This is unacceptable. Housing must be addressed before letting in more immigrants. It only makes sense. I would not invite 10 people to stay at my house, because I do not have the room for them, why do we allow people in, when housing vacancy is so low? Immigration rate can not be higher than vacancy rates, or your homeless numbers go up, which in some places have jumped by 50% in little over a years time.

Last winter, I was forced to make a choice between heating my house or going hungry. I love food, and have 2 growing boys, so I ended up having to compromise and I basically turned my heat off at night and doubled up on blankets. Me and the boys would sleep in the same bed as well. It didn’t get too cold, but it would have been nice to be able to get up in the middle of the night and use the bathroom without shivering. I would turn the heat on in the morning and with the help of the sun, my house would be warm enough to walk around in again. This is the outcome of the carbon tax. This is what it is supposed to do. Make people reduce their consumption. The only thing is, this consumption is necessary. Canadians live in cold places. We have extreme cold periods where not heating someones home could become a fatal situation. To force a tax on someone and cause financial burdens so great that they must reduce essential functions that are needed to live. Do you think Justin Trudeau sees his breath during his morning pee? I don’t think so. This only reduces critical usage by lower income families.

Many Canadians are going through similar situations because of the carbon tax. Maybe not so severe, but some, I am guessing, are probably far worse. With the increased prices we are forced to pay for Saudi oil, when we have a national resource of our own, it makes no sense to implement carbon taxes on the public. This is why it is important for Canada to increase its output of Bitumen and reduce reliance on Saudi oil. Bitumen, which is considerably cheaper than imported oil, could be heavily taxed, without the consumer even noticing. $10 a barrel would result in approx $20 million dollars a day. These taxes could go directly into the building and maintenance of CO2 scrubbing plants that would negate the carbon output of the oil. In no time, we would have funded an entire network of CO2 scrubbers that would, in combination, turn Canada into the first net zero carbon country. Regardless of the science of climate change, or the lack thereof, we should still be cleaner and more responsible with our emissions. This must be done at the expense of the industry, not the public though. Canadians can not afford it.

Supply management is the silent killer. Unlike the United States, instead of using subsidies to support agriculture products like Milk, Eggs and Poultry, Canada implemented the supply management system that artificially inflated the prices to give farmers the extra money they wanted. This has stabilized the market, increased profits, and allowed the Industry to form a ‘cartel’ like organization which lobbies and influences politics regularly. All at the expense of Canadian consumers. Canadians would enjoy significantly lower costs when buying these goods. Families could save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year if supply management was abolished. Many do not fully understand the system, others do not even know it exists. Most of us have lived under this system all of our lives, we do not know any different. The only politician talking about this is Maxime Bernier. The Peoples Party of Canada plans on abolishing this unfair system to help Canadians make ends meet. Just one of his plans to keep more money in your pocket.

I understand all too well the struggles of Canadians. I am right there with them. Other parties have not given any solid plan to reduce the burden placed on Canadians by these policies. The Liberal plan on doubling down with their efforts to destroy our country, the Conservatives want to give a tax break for using buses which would not help me in the least due to my transit already being subsidized, The Greens are way too ambitious and have lost their minds, and the NDP, which seems to outwardly address many issues, but with further inspection you are left wondering, who is going to pay for all this free stuff? It is a simple case of not reallocating the funds from the right place like the PPC does. The People’s Party plans on keeping the money in your pocket, before taxes. Reduce income tax, reduce costs of goods. Imagine keeping an extra thousand dollars a pay, and paying less for food. It would actually make a difference, to everyone.

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