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The Leftist Alliance-NDP and Liberals

With so many different numbers being thrown around by polling organizations, and many of them indicating a minority government, one wonders what will happen when all the dust settles after the 21st. Many polls show either a Conservative minority, or a Liberal minority. There seems to be very little chance of a majority government by anyone. Regardless of which one has more seats, there still may be the possibility of a coalition in the future.

Contrary to previous reports, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who called both leaders “Mr Deny and Mr. Delay, said that he would consider forming a coalition with the Liberal party in order to avoid a Conservative government. They would do “Whatever it takes” to make sure Scheer and the Conservatives do not take power. This gives an opportunity for Trudeau to retain leadership even if his party falls short of the required 170 seats. Bloc leader Blanchet also stated he would support the leader that would respect Quebec’s interests, even giving his approval of Trudeau’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair. It seems that leader would be Trudeau.

A coalition between NDP and LPC would be extremely detrimental to Canada’s future. Probably more so than a Liberal majority. The NDP’s extreme socialistic policies in combination with the Liberals irresponsible fiscal policies will continue to destroy the quality of life for all Canadians. Giving Singh the ability to bring the Liberal platform more inline with his socialistic agenda.

As you can see, both parties share a lot of common goals that will harm our economy.

If Jagmeet Singh has sworn an oath to uphold and protect the constitution, how could he openly make the decision to support the only leader that, in front of a national audience, said he would ignore the constitution, and intervene in a provincially voted on legislation. The very support of this person would constitute a breach of that oath would it not? Well, they actually do not swear any oath to the constitution. All oaths in Canada are the the monarch. Go figure eh. No wonder they have such disregard for that and any other law.

Here is an old video of Jagmeet Singh. Speaking along side others who seem to be promoting violence. But our speech is hateful and divisive..

This should go as a warning to all NDP voters. You are actually voting for Trudeau 2.0 ‘socialism edition’. If you think that changing your vote to NDP is a good way to get rid of him, think again. The only way to get rid of him at this point, is to vote Conservative. If they do not get a majority, the Liberals will take power again in a Leftist Alliance.


Alliances have played a part in Canadian politics in the recent past. The Conservative Party of Canada is a child of one of these alliances. The Reform Party which was a populist party formed in 1987 and led by Preston Manning was eventually renamed simply ‘Canadian Alliance’ Their purpose was to merge the 2 conservative parties. The ‘United Alternative’ initiative to ‘unite the right’ was rebuffed by The Progressive Conservative Party leader Joe Clark, and in December 2003 the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance merged into the Conservative Party of Canada. this merger has long been described as a hostile take over in order to silence growing populism. A trend still seen today.

When Maxime announced that he was going to create the People’s Party of Canada, I was excited at the idea of a new party with values. I knew that the party would not have a good chance of gaining many seats in the first election, they certainly did not have any chance at a majority, or even a minority, but I hoped for the chance of a coalition. Not an alliance that would merge parties and destroy ideology, but an agreement to support similar conservative agendas. I saw an avenue for the party to gain power. A way for them to advance very quickly. This hope was quickly shot down by Bernier when he stated he would not even consider it. He let his ego get in the way of the parties interests. I think this was the first misstep by the PPC. A lot of supporters could have been gained in the first few months. If Maxime had created this strategy in the early days of the party, the PPC may have been the party to help form government with the Conservatives, Jagmeet Singh has taken advantage of this situation of increased NDP polling numbers. This has given Trudeau a way to retain the PMO without actually winning a majority.

A leftist alliance has a much higher probability than a centrist coalition. The Conservatives would have to give up too many platform initiatives to lure the Greens or the Bloc in to their corner. So that option is off the table. Its ridiculous in its very nature really. They really need to pull a majority out of their magic hat somehow, else we are doomed. This is where the PPC should have played in, but that was a blunder. So say the polls, anyways.

I really do not like to go by polls. The Trump elections showed how inaccurate they can be. I do think they are a pretty good indication of how trends are progressing, but there are too many variables, too many demographics that just are not poll’d accurately. This can end up making a difference after all is said and done.

Alliances ad another spin to things. When a party leader comes out in support of a declining Prime Minister like this, at such a late stage, is not fair to many voters. What about the ex-Liberal who thought voting NDP would get this disgraceful leader out of office. They voted on Friday, only to find out about this ‘pledge of allegiance’ today. I feel sorry for them.

I really was hoping that all parties would have stood united against the Liberal disaster. Stand against all of his ethics violations. Stand against his treatment of women, his racially insensitive past. These new facts show that the Trudeau and the Liberals, regardless of all his violations, are still in the race. I can not believe I am saying that….

Here’s to wishing for magic hats.

And if you are part of the silent majority, get out and vote on the 21st! We need you!

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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