The Right Road For A New Canada

Canada seems to be headed down a road of self ruin with its deepening divide of political of social ideologies. We have come to a point where we need to make a choice on how to continue, or if we should at all. Just like any relationship, when intentions become selfish and actions become violent, it is time to end it, and walk away. When is it that time for us? Do we wait until we are fighting for our life and liberty, or do we walk away and find it on our own?

There are many issues that patriotic Canadians are facing today, but most of it stems from the federal governments mismanagement of tax revenues at the detriment of Canadian citizens. And with recent rumors of billions going unaccounted for by Trudeau and the Liberal government, many are more than just angry, they are nauseated at the incompetency.

With our current system we will continually face scandals and cover-ups by those in charge. No party will ever be effective enough to please everyone. Its a statistical fact with representational government.

Liberal or Conservative, there will always be problems. You can not trust any politician to represent YOUR values. How could they?

So What Is Our Path?

That is a question that can only be answered by all of us. I want to talk about what you think we should do. How do you think we should deal with our societal problems? How do we solve our political differences? I have a couple of ideas, ones I would like to build on with some help. But if you have some specific ideas as well, please voice them to me.

There are a number of things we really should do. One of the first things we need deal with, is probably the first thing we ever did wrong as a nation, and that has to do with the Monarchy.

Succeeding from the Commonwealth

With the increase in scandals within the royal family, and undoubtedly more to come given the shady reputation of the current members, one would wonder why we admire this ancient relic of autocratic rule at all.

Payments alone to the monarch are upwards of $50 million dollars a year. Canadians pay more per ca pita to the crown than our British counterparts. A fact that has enraged many Canadians. This, of course, is not the only expenses to Canadian tax payers that are associated with the Queen. Crown agents in Canadian Federal and Provincial governments, that are basically redundant take up funds in increasing amounts. The Governor General and all the provincial Lieutenant Governors and their staffs have lavish budgets given simply to preform mundane and unimportant tasks such as ribbon cuttings. Upkeep and maintenance of their offices and residences, which usually are lavish mansions, cost tax payers millions. Costs that are not providing any kind of benefit to Canadian taxpayers whatsoever.

Leaving the Commonwealth could only be done one of 2 ways. By referendum, or by revolution. Our ultimate goal is to affect change without violence, so revolution is off the table, for now. A referendum would be more realistic at this point. The problem is getting the support for such a change. I think that we need a more robust plan of attack to get this done. You need to have a really tasty carrot to lead the masses. Running on succeeding from the Commonwealth alone is not good enough.

A New Constitution

Canada needs a new constitution to represent the vision of Canadians. One that gives more power to the provinces as sovereign territories. As it is now the Constitution is made of up various documents that are a mess of paradoxes. You can read more in depth about this here:

We need to start clean. Come up with one document that outlines our rights as citizens. One that includes and protects every single resident of this great land. One that protects us from the dangers that we see us facing in the future. It must also include checks and balances for the Leader. Clear processes to remove individuals from office who commit offences that are contrary to the duties of the office.

Leaders Powers

Currently there are no processes of removing a person from the Prime Ministers office. No real process that could ever be enacted by the people. The new framework would have to include clear and precise measures to combat criminal behavior and dissuade unethical practices. The amount of ethics violation that Justin Trudeau has is unacceptable, not having repercussions to those violations is simply inexcusable. Holding powers to account for their actions, instead of protecting them, will need to be a corner stone in this new legal framework.

Election And Voting Reform

It does not matter if you are a Liberal or Conservative, If you are a leftist or on the right, one thing, I think, that we all have an issue with, is the election process and voting. We are currently stuck in a form of representation democracy left over from an age when it took weeks to travel to the capital. Instead of taking the sometimes deadly journey, we sent one person there to represent us. We now live in a time of instant remote communication. We do not need to travel anywhere to be heard. The need for this type of government has long passed.

Many of the older generation are still very hesitant to embracing technology for these types of issues. In the past, and even recently, concerns about enemies hacking into voting systems have been increasing, and rightly so. The technology currently used is extremely vulnerable to attack. There are alternatives such as using updated encryption technology in combination with distributed networks like block chain technology, to provide a virtually impenetrable medium for election systems. Utilizing these systems to vote on issues directly, instead of paying salaries and expenses of ‘representatives’, reduces federal and provincial spending significantly. It also implants a new aspect of democracy where there are no party lines to fight over. A sort of ‘open source distributed democracy’

If you would like to discuss this concept or help develop it, you can join the group here:

The End Of All Discontent

In a new Canada we can literally end all disagreements by giving everyone what they want, individually. With the new voting system we can choose where our money goes, individually. We can fund the programs we value, personally. There would be no need to fight over where the funds go, because you choose it yourself.

Think of it like this, you are not giving your taxes to the government to spend, you are spending the taxes yourself. Each program has a pot, and you can divide your taxes, however you wish. After all, you really only have the say over ‘your’ share of the tax, right? This equalizes everyone. If you want to fund small business, you can, if you want to fund only education and health care, you can. You make the choice. Instead of doing your ‘taxes’ at the end of the year, you choose the recipients.

With this system, I could honestly say that each issue is getting exactly what it should be getting based on the values of each individual person. What would we have to fight over then? You do not have the right to say what someone else’s taxes go to.

These are just some of my ideas. They are not perfect, I know. I do want to have more discussion about how we can change and grow as a nation. Its not as simple as, separating from Canada, or starting another political party. I think as a nation we are more like a crustacean. To grow we need to molt. Shed our old shell and grow a new one to encompass all that we have become. We are quickly outgrowing our shell and need to do something.

I would love to hear your ideas for a solution that will benefit every ideology. You can tweet at me, comment below, email or join us on Facebook.

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