Vote Today! Or Else…..

Well that day is finally upon us. The day we get to exercise the right given to us by the constitution, and protected at the cost of many millions of lives. Millions of father, mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons. This is the one sacred right of all free people. One that we should not take lightly, one that we should all cherish and respect. The saying ‘use it or lose it’ holds true with this practice as well, because if we do not use this right, the virtues that define democracy, the intrinsic values of the system, will certainly be lost forever.

You will be able to start to see live results coming into Elections Canad website starting at 7 PM (ET). You can find a direct link to that section here:

Many will not be voting today, with the idea that their vote will not make a difference. They think the system is broken. What they do not realize, is that the system is broken because they do not vote. Our nation will not follow its true path until everyone votes and has a voice.

For many years partisan politics has depended on less voter turnout. So that politicians can get away with their devious deals, without having to win everyone’s approval. This practice is not democratic. We need many reforms in election regulations, but one useful regulation would be to require a minimum vote count, prior to allowing an election to be ratified. I think even at 75% voter turnout we are doing ourselves an injustice, but any less than that, the results should be invalid. We need to educate people on why it is important. In the very least Elections Canada should have a larger budget for public awareness.

Call a friend that has not voted, convince them to join you, shame them into it even. It is so important for everyone to vote, or else we will always be ruled by a minority. The only way to get a majority is for the entire nation to vote, and vote responsibly. Then we will know the true wishes of the majority.

I am not going to keep you here reading, get out and vote!!!

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