The Environment

There are many people on both sides of the debate on climate change and global warming. This is a debate I think that we should not be having any longer. Not because scientists have not actually come to a consensus of facts on the issue, but because regardless of who is at fault, we need to take responsibility for the damage we have done.

The fact is humans do contribute to CO2 levels. Regardless if we are the direct cause of climate change, we owe it to our children to clean up after ourselves now. Plastic continents made of pure plastic floating in our oceans, and the only reason we don’t see the pollution on land is because of the fact it is literally swept under the rug. But that rug will not cover the problem forever. Plastics can take 1000’s of years to degrade, much longer than we can afford to do without clean fertile soil.

We have the technology to build CO2 scrubbing factories. These factories can convert CO2 scrubbed from the air, into a type of bio fuel. We can create an industry that cleans our air and subsidize it by making it tax free. This opens up the industry to the private sector. Without having to tax a Canadian a single dollar. I do not agree with any kind of carbon tax. Its just more of our money for their coffers. But I do think it is irresponsible of us to do nothing. The climate is going to change, no matter what we do at this point. We need to prepare, adapt, and just clean up after ourselves.

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