Why The Climate Change Hoax Is As Dangerous As They Say It Is

With Greta Thunberg running around the world screaming fire, and protesters in my very own city blocking off access to bridges, it is very hard to get away from the climate change ‘crisis’, as they like to call it. I tend to agree with them on its severity. This has gotten to a crisis level where what we do next will seriously change our way of life. Not quite in the way they mean. But severe none the less.

There are a lot of factors when it comes to climate change. Too many to get into in this article. but when I hear people talking about climate change, there are a few facts that I think about that I just can not wrap my head around.


The most abundant and used sources of energy on the planet. This essential part of life has fluctuated throughout the history of the earth. Levels have gone up, and they have gone down. The earth regulates the levels itself with ice ages, volcanoes and many other complex systems.

Yes the levels are rising, and at an increasing rate. there have been other times in history that this has happened as well though. It does not necessarily mean the increase is man made.

This shows a dramatic increase in global temperatures just after the last ice age. This does not mean aliens were here and started driving around. It simply means there are other factors that either added co2 into the system, or cause increased warming by other means. Simply exposing rock from under ice caps would cause the Infra Red heat from the sun to be absorbed, instead of being reflected back into space, like ice does.

This graph shows the increase in co2 levels over the last 60 years. It does show a dramatic increase, to this period, which we should be responsible for reducing, I do agree with that. I do not think that it is an emergency though. Do you notice how the graph only shows 60 years? This is the common tactic of climate alarmists. Cherry picking the data to corroborate their narrative. There is significant amounts of information that supports the notion that our current situation is perfectly normal. It is not to say that man is not responsible, just that the earth doesn’t really care who is responsible, it can deal with it, it has before, and will again. There are periods of warming in the earths history that perplex scientists, the rate being much faster that normal seemed to have some kind of external input, many theory’s have been formed around this, none of them man made of course, regardless of who is right, the fact remains that the earth overcame the increased warming.

The Inevitable

Even with increased levels of co2, and with them continuing to rise, the warming will not cause any noticeable changes to any one single generation. In 3 generations time, perhaps, they will need to think about moving to higher ground, yes, but we should be preparing for that anyways. If we didn’t produce co2, it would would still happen, it would just take a little longer. Our input only speeds up the inevitable. We are still coming out of an ice age, the earth will be totally green again.

You try to search about it and you see things like:

Last Friday, carbon concentrations at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory topped 415 ppm. The amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere has officially surpassed levels seen in the entirety of human history, topping the highest point previously recorded in 800,000 years of data by more than 100 parts per million, or ppm 

They make it sound very high right? 800k years. There were dinosaurs roaming around that long ago. But wait a second. You also have other answers:

The last time the planet had a concentration of 300 to 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere was during the mid-Pliocene, 3 million years ago — recently enough for the planet to be not radically different than it is today.

3 MILLION years! Holy crap. That doesn’t sound right to me, maybe they mean that was the last time it was between those ranges? I am confused, first its 800k now 3 million. I know there were other times in our history that the co2 levels were really high. We learned that in grade school. co2 makes things big, the big dinosaurs were in the Jurassic period.

During the Jurassic Period (200 mya), average CO2 concentrations were about 1800 ppm or about 4.7 times higher than today

There we go. Pretty sure the entire earth was green at this time as well. So basically co2 levels will not kill the earth, they actually will make it healthier. It is just going to inconvenience us humans a little. But we are the masters of adaptation, we will survive.

Besides, what would the co2 levels be without human interference? Shouldn’t that number be more relevant than most of these figures?

I found this explanation on Electroverse.net

Further Explanation

Contrary to IPCC claims, human emissions have not caused all the increase in carbon dioxide since 1750.

Human emissions do not continually add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, but rather cause a flow of carbon dioxide through the atmosphere. The flow adds a constant equilibrium level, not a continuing increasing level, of carbon dioxide.

Present human emissions add an equilibrium level of 18 ppm, which is the product of human carbon dioxide inflow of 4.5 ppm per year multiplied by the carbon dioxide residence time of 4 years. Present natural emissions add an equilibrium level of 392 ppm, to get today’s 410 ppm.

If human emissions continue as at present, these emissions will add no additional carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in the future. If all human emissions were stopped, and nature stayed constant, it would remove only 18 ppm. The natural level of 392 ppm would remain.

inflow into the Atmosphere is 5 percent human and 95 percent natural. The Model shows the Atmosphere will be a fingerprint of Inflow. This contradicts the IPCC claim that human emissions cause 30 percent Atmosphere carbon dioxide.

There is no “permanent” remainder of human or natural carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If inflow is turned off, the corresponding equilibrium level will go to zero. The level will approach zero according to the 1/e residence time of 4 years.

The ratio of human to natural carbon dioxide in the atmosphere equals the ratio of their inflows, independent of residence time.

IPCC’s Bern model violates the Equivalence Principle, does not reproduce the carbon-14 data, and predicts that 1000 years of “natural emissions” will permanently increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 15,000 ppm.

Since IPCC’s Bern model is a curve-fit to the output of climate models, the inaccurate and invalid Bern Model proves IPCC’s climate claims are wrong.

For a more detailed look at ‘Why Human CO2 Does Not Change Climate’ from edberry.com, click here.

The Scam

There are a few reasons why this scam is happening on a global level. If our government was serious on reducing emissions, they would not be doing it by implementing carbon tax’s. There are much better methods of reducing co2 in the atmosphere. Atmospheric co2 scrubbing technology has been advancing significantly. Switzerland developing large plants which can scrub 900 tons of co2 annually. If they were serious about co2, they would be developing these technologies. Implement them in industries such as agriculture. It is much more effective, than taxing people who need to use it to live.

The UN

The UN has taken advantage of this issue, and is using it as a means of redistributing wealth. They forcefully implement legislation’s onto ‘sovereign’ nations worldwide, which are written by them, created so that they can move the worlds wealth around as they see fit. Though carbon tax initiatives and equalization plans between nations, under the guise of global warming assistance. Our money is being stolen and the real offenders are not held accountable at all.

What To Do

The answer to that one is simple. Responsibly reduce emissions over time. Invest in air cleaning technologies and clean our air. Not of co2, but of the other useless greenhouse gasses. Capture co2 naturally and use it agriculturally. Invest in geothermal technologies for power generation. Build pipelines so that we do not have to ship oil half way around the world. Localizing resources is a very good way to reduce needless emissions. These are all things that can be done at a profit, not a financial burden to taxpayers.

Tackle the REAL environmental issues we are faced with, such as the growing number of floating plastic islands forming around the world. Clean our water ways so that we can provide clean water to all communities. There are so many other things we can spend our time on other than taxing people for having an abundance of plant food.

Carbon taxes only diminish the quality of life of people who NEED to use the oil, and they only harm the lower income bracket. I will have to go cold at night, while a corporation considers it a cost of dong business.

The danger of this comes from our economic collapse over a false flag topic. We will drive our economies into the ground under the banner of climate change. Justifying every hungry mouth, every bankruptcy and every death to come. Instead of preparing, we will be left running around screaming fire as the waters rise over our heads, well, maybe our great grandchildren’s heads.

As humans we worry too much, we see patterns where they are not, and we form unbreakable opinions when emotions become involved. All of this in combination make for a disastrous recipe. One more harmful than changing weather.

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Canadian politics, Climate change, Globalist, Wexit, Jason Kenny, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories, Racism, United Nations, Globalists,

Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


Canadian politics, Climate change, Globalist, Wexit, Jason Kenny, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, North West Territories, Racism, United Nations, Globalists,

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