How does Canada, which purports to operate on the principle of majority rule, allow a few eco-activists to threaten to bring the economy to a standstill and not even employ the police to stop these demonstrators even though the Court have issued injunctions which declare the demonstrations are illegal?

To answer that question, it becomes necessary to step back through Canadian history.


Prime Minster Lester Pearson, who made his name as a United Nations high level Official, was a true globalist who introduced the word “multi-culturalism” to the Canadian lexicon. Since multi-culturalism was a Liberal Party idea, it quickly became unacceptable to ever question the soundness or logical foundations of the idea.

The following questions were classified as politically incorrect and never to be discussed:

  • A) Is the idea of multi-cultural-ism antithetical to the idea of a strong nation state?
  • B) How can an individual be both multi-cultural and at the same time identify as a Canadian?
  • C) How can a nation be both multi-cultural and at the same time adhere to fundamental Canadian values?
  • D) How can a country accept ideas and cultural values which a diametrically opposed to the historical values of Canada and not experience a cultural clash?

Anyone who ever questioned the foundations of the concept of multi-culturalism was immediately banished to the world of the philistines. As a result, emerging generations of students were taught that “multi-culturalism” was somehow the natural state of affairs in a country whose history and culture was derived from France and Great Britain. We were beginning to evolve away from being a strong nation and into, what Prime Minister Joe Clarke ultimately bragged about, a country which was merely a “community of communities.”


Pierre Trudeau, not being steeped in English Common Law, was of the view that the ancient Common Law prerogative that “everyone is equal before the law” was clearly insufficient. It was never explained how the common law idea that everyone was to be treated equally was somehow deficient but the Liberals introduced the Charter of Rights in which Section 15 stated:

15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. [emphasis added]

The Liberals hope and intention was that Section 15 (1) would enable the disadvantaged and minorities to be treated as equals and enjoy the same benefits as the mainstream of society. The Liberal Party saw themselves as the masters at forming a coalition among these various identity groups and for years “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” was click bait to seduce these conflicting identifiable groups into the Liberal tent. This formula produced considerable political success for the Liberals as they formed the national government a majority of the time


This multiculturalism and emergence of Section 15 (1) Identity politics, laid the groundwork for the emergence of Cultural Marxism in Canada. The Marxists had recognized that the workers of the world were not going to unite as they had strong loyalty to their individual countries. The Marxist then concluded that: a) nationalism and patriotism had to be eliminated, and b) and that the class warfare recipe of Karl Marx had to transition into cultural conflicts if Capitalism was ever to be replaced by Socialism

The Attack on Nationalism
To defeat the allegiance to one’s country, nationalism was depicted as the forerunner to Nazism and Fascism and the globalists in the U.N. and E.U. joined with the Marxists to denigrate if not extinguish love of country. Section 15(1) of the Charter created special classes of people based on race, ethnicity, colour, religion, sex, age, and mental disability based on their immutable traits and these groups had particular legal privileges based on their inherited or immutable traits. This provided the perfect environment for Cultural Marxism to diminish Nationalism. Cultural Marxists promoted the idea that a person’s allegiance to their particular identity group was of supreme importance and any allegiance to their country and their society as a whole was both dangerous and obnoxious

The Creation of Cultural Conflicts
Secondly, these classes of people were the perfect environment for identity politics and cultural conflicts. Identity Politics divided Canadians into various groups based on their immutable characteristics or race, gender etc. and imposed a hierarchical system of victim and oppressor. Cultural Marxism promoted conflict between the various identifiable groups and served to diminish the cohesiveness of the national culture.

The net result was a Society which lost its sense of national identity; it lost its allegiance to a set of fundamental Canadian values, customs and traditions. And it lost its civic pride in itself as a Nation. All these conflicting identifiable groups were obsessed with pursuing their groups self interest and had little or no regard for either the other people in Society or the country as a whole.


The result of all this identity politics is a nation which is losing its sense of purpose and its feeling of unity. It is comprised of a conglomeration of conflicting identity groups bound and determined to pursue their own agenda with little or no regard for the rest of the community. As a result, we have a small band of eco-extremists who are completely indoctrinated with their man-made global warming philosophy who have no consideration for others and no compunction for disrupting the economy of an entire country.

At the same time we have Politicians, Government Bureaucrats, and Police Authorities who have lost their sense of pride in their nation. They no longer see themselves as the defenders of the Realm. They see themselves as babysitters for a group of squabbling children who they hope and pray will eventually tire of fighting and eventually fall asleep.

It is time for Canada to experience a national resurgence. It is time for a Political Leader to step forth and boldly proclaim the virtues of the Canadian Nation. It is time for a Political Leader who says he/she will stand up and defend the national good. And it is time for a Political Leader who proclaims that in a Parliamentary Democracy the will of the vast majority of the People will prevail, the roadblocks will go down, the railroads will run, and the illegal demonstrators will go to jail.

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