Healthcare Access

A company called HomeVisit is developing a health care access app. The app uses mobile technology to connect patients with the appropriate practitioners. From primary care, to home care the platform will be available to all health care professionals as a way to reduce over head costs and allow for a more flexible work schedule.
Basically the app uses a combination of mobile technology, crowd sourcing and home care to enhance access by providing a convenient way for patients to request a visit from a health care provider.For the patient, having the ability to request a visit to your home with the convenience of an app is an obvious selling point, but the benefits go beyond convenience when you consider the quality of home care. Regardless if it is for palliative care, or primary care.
For the Doctors, Clinical nurse practitioners, Registered nurses, LPN and CCA’s the app functions as a virtual assistant. Filling the role of a medical office assistant, formatting all information into fill-able reports and in some cases even submits claims directly to insurers. HomeVisit schedules all accepted appointments and generates driving routes for the health care provider so there is really nothing for them to do but log in, see a patient, and log out. HomeVisit takes care of the rest.
HomeVisit allows health care providers to supplement their income by accepting freelance work instead of accepting entire contractual obligations which result in burnout.

At a time where we are so short on doctors, this may represent a way to retain more doctors in Nova Scotia. With al of the regulatory bodies involved I do not know how easy implementing something like this would be.

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