Liberals Create A New And Easy Path To Citizenship

As The Liberal government prepares to ramp up their mass immigration policies, a recent mandate letter from Justin Trudeau to Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino instructed him to start work on a Municipal Nominee Program to allow communities to pick immigrants to fill their economic needs. This micro management approach to immigration is meant to target sectors like construction or other skilled trades.

This program will be allocated 5000 spots in the target of 1 million new immigrants in the next 3 years. This number of course does not represent the number of asylum seekers and refugees accepted. The 5000 allocations also allows for the program to greatly expand when the decision is made to increase the numbers even more. A decision you and I will have no part in.

Part of the reasoning behind this need for increased immigration, is the worker to retiree ratio. This number is currently roughly 4:1, with projections by the that it will decrease to 2:1 by 2035. This does seem like a heavy burden to carry, but there are ways to manage it. That is what the government is there for.

Another reason is our declining birth rate. We simply do not produce enough people to fill the jobs that are being left behind by the people retiring.

Abortion Rates

One factor in our declining birth rate is the abortion rate. In 2017 there were over 94,000 reported abortions in Canada, which represents at least 90% of all abortions performed on Canadians. You wonder where our fertility rate is going? Yes I understand that a lot of these were very necessary. There are certainly valid reasons for an abortion. But our society has made it such a normal thing, that why wouldn’t a young woman have one?

At the beginning of the 1980’s we had roughly the same birth rate as we did in 2010, but with 30k less abortions. In the 1970’s again, we had around the same birth rate, but 90,000 less abortions. So our birth rate is staying the same, while our abortion rate continues to rise. Its easy to see the trends in tables like this one:

Are there alternatives to immigration?

So do we really need to expand just to keep up with retirees? Like this is some kind of ponzi scheme? Do we need the economic growth to keep up with the baby boomers? It seems like the same projection rational that climate change alarmists use to show we are doomed. If we just wait it out, we will equalize out, if we keep adding from an outside source, then we perpetuate the need to keep adding exponentially. Its like we are borrowing just to pay off the interest.

Another question I have is, do immigrants actually represent the same benefit per person that a Canadian born resident does? You would expect an immigrant to send money back home. They also may end up retiring in their home country, still receiving the pension they acquired here. How is this good for our economy? Home grown tax payers are much more economical.

We could keep up with our economic needs if we didn’t try to convince women to not have children. We shame them for even considering having a family. With the global ‘climate crisis’ it is now a civic duty to make sure you do NOT pro-create. Its unethical to create life, and ethical to destroy it. No wonder we are not growing as a nation or a society. No wonder the only way to ensure economic growth is through importation. We have demonized our very existence.

Family values

I think that we need to start promoting family values along with incentives for 2 parent families having children. Stop penalizing families for having the father living in the home. This is how we use to solve birth rate issues. We use to consider families an investment. Workers that pay into the tax system for life, and stay here for life. This is a natural way for a nation to grow and maintain its distinctive culture. Yes multiculturalism is a part of Canadian culture, but too much irreparably dilutes it. people become angry

Many other countries have taken this type of approach. With the obvious criticism from left wing media. Last year Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban introduced new tax and loan programs for Hungarian families.

The new measures include the expansion of a loan program for families with at least two children to help them buy homes, subsidies for car purchases and waiving personal income tax for women raising at least four children.

Women below 40 who marry for the first time will be eligible for a 10 million forint ($36,000) subsidized loan, Orban said. A third of the debt will be forgiven when a second child is born and the entire loan waived after the third child.

Now something like this could get expensive, and although it is too early to determine how effective they system is, I think money talks. We certainly wouldn’t need anything as aggressive as this plan. Hungry has an extremely low birth rate and resist immigration as much as possible. Regardless something similar could spark another baby boom, which would reduce our reliance on immigration as a primary means of growth.


Raise CPP contributions, lower income taxes. Provide more services, like pharmacare to retirees so that the cost of living is not as unmanageable. We can easily cope with the increased load on the pension system without destroying our country. This coupled with more incentives for families to stay together and have children would greatly help progress our country in the direction we are all happy with.

Do not get me wrong, I want a strong immigration policy. I just think that the levels proposed are not justified by the reasons that economists give. I think there are many other ways we can deal with the shortcomings we encounter as a nation. There is not an overwhelming majority that supports mass immigration, so I think we should be considering alternatives now before it is too late.

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