Protests Turn Deadly In Iran As Government Cuts Internet To Silence The People

Protests broke out in Iran this Friday. Residents filled the streets in both Tehran and Mashhad voicing their discontent with the drastic increase in oil prices across the country. Protesters can be heard chanting “We want our Shah back”. A growing sentiment held by the people of Iran to go back to the old monarch system. The people of Iran blame their misfortunes on the ruling government, and rightly so. Iran has been in steady decline since the Iranian revolution.

What started as peaceful protests quickly escalated into a chaotic scene. Mobs of protesters running after police who shoot indiscriminately into the crowds. Many injured people could be seen being carried away. A total casualty count will likely not be released, or even admitted to.

The Iranian people, who are actually Persian, have been oppressed by the ruling Arab Islamic regime since 1979. The Iranian revolution, which at the time was supported due to propaganda, removed the Shah from power. Previous to this, the Shah himself predicted that if the they were to take power, it would set the country back 1500 years.

Here is a video of what Iran was like before the Iranian revolution.

Currently in Iran, critical positions of importance are given as rewards to the regimes loyal servants. The lack of competency and experience of the department heads creates a system void of beneficial fiscal policies or social programs. The burden of this has been growing for some time, and it seems like the Iranian people have had enough.

Over night the Iranian government has cut off all internet access to the public in order to limit the spread of information. We hope that you take the time to share this article so that they are not successful in silencing the people.

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