The Impeachment Sham

With the United States House of Representatives voting in favor of introducing 2 articles of Impeachment on Donald J. Trump to the House floor, there hangs in balance the very sanctity of the Office of the President and the powers it holds. The Democrats have passed articles with such paper thin evidence of a situation so void of crime, that the precedence set will forever change the republic and threaten the very democracy it is founded on.

House Democrats continue to push a narrative of President Trump abusing his power by requesting a foreign power interfere in the US 2020 elections. They also alleged that the White house obstructed congress in its investigation. There are a number of issues that mitigate any negative narrative and exonerates the President of any wrong doing.

Impeachment For Abuse of Power

With the first article of impeachment, stating Trump abused his power when requesting that President Zelensky to start in investigation into the corrupt prosecutor. This certainly would be the case if the President requested that Zelensky falsely investigate the prosecutor, but President Trump had evidence of this prosecutor taking a bribe. He also had evidence of Joe Biden making the bribe, and he had evidence of Hunter Biden being involved in the whole mess. It would be irresponsible of Trump to turn a blind eye, regardless of being in an election cycle or not. Trump does not care about the status quo, he was elected to drain the swamp, and that is what he is doing. Rooting out corruption, and exposing it.

Impeachment for Obstruction of Congress

The second article is on obstruction of congress. It is really comical that the House Democrats are recommending this article as they have been historically breaking house judiciary rules as well as every other rule put in place to protect the rights of the minority. When a process has been corrupted to the point that all rights and privileges have been revoked, the President has the right to refrain from participating. President Trump has been constantly attacked since his inauguration in 2017. He has also provided, and declassified all relative material to the whistle blowers report. Any other participation is not required. Once the House passes the articles and they are sent to the Senate, I am sure the President will participate, but until then, he has a country to run.


It is a shame that the US insists on defaming the Ukraine president at such a critical point of time. Media has posted articles about Ukraine soldiers dying because of the ‘withheld military aid’ Even though there is no way that any funds given now could have prevented any deaths so quickly. What is more likely, is the possible distrust that the Democrats have fostered towards the newly elected president. In a region with very little to base trust on, being portrayed as weak and under the thumb of America, could undermine the democratic progress that Zelenski represents in Ukraine.

Zelenski has refuted the allegation that he was pressured into his decision to initiate an investigation. His entire team states they were not even aware of any hold on the funds at the time. When there is a bribe or black mail, both parties must be on the same page, they must both understand what is going on for it to be a crime, otherwise it is just one person asking another for a favor, is it not?


After 2 years plus of Mueller investigations has left the Democrats over ripe for impeachment. The blunder that the report turned out to be left them desperate to please their constituents in some way or another. I sincerely think that his situation was ‘groomed’ by the deep state, with coordination between Intelligence agencies and the State department. Just like the meeting at Trump tower, which was set up by the deep state to look like a meeting between Trump and Russian representatives, Trump is being led down a path where all his actions can be misconstrued and twisted into their narrative.

Without the President actually committing a crime, it is difficult to make things seem criminal. The Democrats are working with what they were given, and the 2 articles show this quite plainly. Filled with inferences and assumptions the articles only prove that the ambition of the Democrats far outweigh their actual substantiated facts of events.

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