Trudeau Spends Canadian Tax Dollars on Foreign Bribes

It is estimated that 2,250 Veterans use homeless shelters each year in Canada. It is also estimated that approximately 35,000 Canadians experience homelessness on any given night, and at least 235,000 Canadians are homeless in any given year.

In 2017, 3.4 million Canadians, or 9.5% of the population, lived below the poverty line, down from 10.6% in 2016. In 2017, 622,000 children under 18 years of age, or 9.0%, lived below the poverty line, down from 11.0% (755,000 children) in 2016.

Despite the fact that Canada has the world’s third-largest supply of fresh water, water on indigenous reserves has for decades been contaminated with various chemicals or bacteria, tough to access or at risk because of broken-down water systems that can take years to fix.

In 2017, out of 4,108 drug overdose deaths in Canada, 571 occurred among people aged 30 to 34 years old and 525 occurred among people 35 to 39 years old. The increase in accidental drug poisoning deaths led to a 0.12 year loss in life expectancy for men, and a 0.03 year loss in life expectancy for women in 2017.

Deaths related to mental illness have increased in Canada—from 3 deaths per 100,000 in the 1960’s to nearly 14 deaths per 100,000 in the current decade. This equates to over 5000 mental health related deaths per year

I could continue on with the increasing amount of domestic issues that we need to tackle right here at home, but I do not want to get you all depressed, I want you to get angry!

Ok maybe not like her, but angry that these issue go unattended while our Prime Minister gives away hundreds of millions of dollars from his $6 Billion dollar foreign spending budget to ridiculous ventures that have no benefit other than as a bribe for a UN security council seat.

Africa’s Payday

Making investment deals with failed African states such as Ethiopia and his pledge of $10 million to help empower African women. As well as prior deals with African countries. Canada will fund this effort by gradually increasing its international funding for women and girls’ health and rights to $1.4-billion annually in 2023 and maintaining that yearly amount until 2030. Half of that yearly spending will be dedicated to sexual and reproductive needs. That is up from $1.1-billion spent right now, $400-million of which is spent on sexual and reproductive needs.

All of this money spent to endorse abortions and birth control in countries that are predominantly Muslim. This raises questions like, should we be interfering in religious matters? Is giving money to these causes pointless with the overwhelming opposition to these ideologies within Islam? Of course it is. You need to change their society as a whole, not just try to implement the ideologies that you think makes you virtuous. It does not work like that.

Corporate Cronyism

Trudeau has also been spending your tax dollars on large corporations like MasterCard, who he gave $50 million to. Over the last year or so Trudeau has also given $40 million to the failed BlackBerry company and $10 million to Loblaw’s to outfit new refrigerators. Like they can not afford that themselves.

Loblaw’s has revenue of over $45 Billion, and a net income of $623 million. Blackberry had a net income of $93 million even though they are a failed tech giant who has moved out of the lucrative mobile market. And MasterCard, a company with 1.90 Billion in net income and revenues of over $3.90 Billion, yet taking handouts from the people that make them money hand over fist. So why did they need help from the government? Why would they give it in any case?

With all of the serious issues that our country and citizens face, the hand outs to foreign countries and corporate entities must be cut off. Until we have a country that we can be proud of again, we need to stop diminishing our ability to better ourselves. The only direction that this mentality will bring us, is a steep spiral downwards. Then ‘we’ will be the ones asking for the hand outs.

Nationalism Vs Generosity

The need for nationalism in the current globalist push is becoming more apparent. I have always battled with the concept of nationalism myself. I believe that we are a much better society for how generous we are. Regardless, it has come to a point that we have too many of our own problems. We can not afford to spend so many resources on others when our own suffer. You need to elevate yourself first, in order to pick other up.

We have always lived in a society of charity and giving. Giving Billions on our own to developing countries when they needed it. Our generosity formed large aid companies like the Red Cross and UNICEF. Now we simply do not have the choice. ‘Charities’ in the form of aid packages or investment agreements are now mandatory, with absolutely no choice of where the money goes or how often it is given.

I like to think of it with this analogy:

You are out in a boat in the middle of the ocean. The boat has a capacity of 100 people, any more your ship could sink. You also have a crew of 100 people. While at sea you notice a ship sinking. They have 50 people in the water in need of help. What do you do? Do you say the hell with capacity, pick everyone up and risk 150 peoples lives? or do you rush to shore to drop off your crew and return to help when you are better equipped to help?

I know any Captain would er on the side of caution when it comes to their crew. Those are the hard decisions that a leader must sometimes make. Ones that our so called leader is unwilling to even consider. He is not for Canadians, he is for his own ambitions. Ones that will deplete the Canadian economy and increase poverty here at home. It is unacceptable and must be stopped.

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