The PPC and Me

I have been a supporter of the PPC for some time now. I am a founding member. I have my certificate hung on my wall. Max represents an alternative choice to classic party politics. In an age where parties are so centrist the are almost the same, yet they are all attracted towards leftist ideals of globalism and extreme multiculturalism. The PPC is a beacon of hope to the disenfranchised and the long ignored hard working Canadians across the country

The PPC, I would say, is made up of the fed up, the sick and tired, and the ones who love Canada for what it is, and does not want to see that change. Often portrayed as racist or bigots, the PPC members are actually made up of the same people Canada is made of. Immigrants of all colors, races and religions. A diverse group of people that want to preserve for what Canada is, not by preventing people from immigrating here, but by strengthening our immigration policies to better serve our economic needs while maintaining our humanitarian responsibility to the most oppressed throughout the world.

Vowing to end crony capitalism, equalization, and foreign aid spending, Maxime Bernier and the PPC are gaining supporters with their hard line policies. Maxime has gained many Libertarian party members with his promise of smaller government and reduced federal spending. Whatever your issue Maxime seems to have a policy that just might help.

Maxime’s controversial statements about Greta Thunberg as well as the social media outcry concerning the ‘Say No To Mass Immigration’ billboards placed by a PPC Supporter, has landed Bernier in the hot seat recently, but as they say ‘bad publicity is good publicity’. Previous to the 2 incidents the PPC was still a little known party. I think this coverage will get people asking who and what the PPC is about. I would like to see their website statistics after each incident.

In the end, I think you will see the numbers in the election to reflect how fed up Canadians are with their government. How many of us are tired of not having a real choice. Tired of the same promises and the same promises broken. Tired of working and paying taxes while big corporations get welfare. Tired of watching our sovereignty being sold out from under us. Regardless of how many seats the PPC gets, there will be significant numbers recorded. If we turn out at the polls…..

If we turn out, with some back up. We all need to find a friend. Someone who has never voted before. Someone who does not really care much about politics. We all have that friend. We need to convince them to vote. Show them why PPC is the choice. If we can tap into the silent majority we have a better chance of gaining seats. There are almost as many people that do not vote, as people that do. These people are not polled, and are not even taken into consideration. We could really pull a rabbit out of a hat. It is all up to us. We are the people with the power, we are the people of the party, The Peoples Party of Canada.

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