An Excellent Way To Monitor Your Credit, And A Free $5!

For some time I have been trying to work on my credit. I lived a life without ever using my credit and have regretted it in my older age. Having no credit is worse than having bad credit sometimes it seems.

In my recent quest to better my score I have come across a number of services and apps that have helped a great deal in monitoring and improving my report. The apps are free, and do not impact your score at all. A simple download and you can get monthly reports directly to the app.

For Trans Union you have Credit Karma. Their app can be found on the app stores. It is pretty detailed and gives a lot of information. I use this one to monitor the reporting dates of each creditor I deal with. This has helped in reducing my utilization rate, which is the amount that I am using of my credit. A large portion of your credit is based on this number.

For Equifax there is Mogo. Mogo is an extremely versatile app offering not only credit monitoring but provides a branded pre-paid visa card with cashback, a pre-approved loan service and a crypto currency feature with a bitcoin wallet.

They are currently offering a free $5 to get started with bitcoin. You really do not have to buy anything. Its free money. Watch it go up and down with detailed charts and historical trends.

Use this link to download the app and sign up for the crypto feature to claim your $5. Its that easy.

Damn it, I lost $0.19. I am sure it will go up again.

I highly suggest you check out the app. Free money is always good no matter how you look at it.

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