Antifa, Coming to a Town Near You.

Antifa, short for Anti Fascist, which is pretty ironic, considering they are the MOST fascist, out of any group that I have witnessed in recent times. Using violence and force to silence an opposition is straight out of the fascist playbook. I do not understand how they can not see the hypocrisy in that, its just so blatantly obvious, that I just laugh at the name, every time I hear it. But it is quickly becoming a matter that is not laughable at all.

From the undercover videos taken by YouTube like Louder with Crowder that depict Antifa trying to recruit people and stating they have weapons like AK-47’s and knives, (Check it out HERE) to the daily uploads of right leaning conservatives groups being assaulted and harassed by groups of these individuals. The oppression of conservative values by this group should be seen as a hate crime just like any other violence that is directed toward any distinguishable group of people.

I am also getting sick of capitalizing the name Antifa, so it is going to be antifa from here on out. They do not even deserve the respect that is associated with capitalization.

Many PPC supporters have had altercations with these neo-fascists. From simple shouting to outright assault. And even People’s Party Candidates having threats sent to them. Nadine Wellwood, candidate for the Banff-Airdrie riding in British Columbia received a letter which read:

Nadine, We are watching you, 27/7. We are always around. Antifa, keeping track of you. You need not to run for a nazi party, if you dont want antifa to pay attention to you. Do you understand?

Here is the entire video of her response:

These kind of threats are an attack on our democracy. Even though they will not be successful, it is still abhorrent to try to thwart the will of the people with threats of violence. Regardless of their horrible grammar and obvious lack of intelligence, these people are the true enemy of Canadians, the militant arm of the left wing that spreads hate and attempts to cause chaos in a time when me need order.

To be honest, I can sort of understand their reasoning. Hear me out. In their minds conservative policies will somehow destroy the world, and the only resort now, is to be violent and forcefully stop the opposition. I probably wouldn’t resort to violence unless my family was in danger, but that is where the divide is. I understand that we are not to the point where violence is warranted, we don’t need a revolution, we just need reform. We don’t need violence, we need commonality. We just need to understand each other and stop assuming a persons intentions are bad. For the most part, I think we are all loving human beings, who really just want the best for everyone.

Antifa seems to be comprised of young students and recent graduates. This group of inexperienced and hormonal, post pubescent terrorists has become a largely unorganized, decentralized entity, that seems to mobilize on any event or demonstration organized by conservative groups. This blatant terrorizing of ideologies has increased since 2016 and the election of Donald Trump. Utilizing social media large groups of masked and armed protesters converge on areas with the goal of disrupting, intimidating and inevitably silencing any conservative view.

@MrAndyNgo an editor and photojournalist for Quillette was brutally attacked by a group of antifa turds earlier this summer, which caused a brain hemorrhage. Proving that they are willing to go to any lengths to make sure we do not get our message out.

These people concern me as a writer as well. Many have experienced a form of harassment called ‘doxing’ This is the practice of finding out information about you online, and basically use that information to harass and interfere with every aspect of your life. Message your place of work, or your friends, calling you a racist or bigot. For a lot of people this ends up being a big deal. People get fired and suspended, lose friends, which obviously impacts peoples lives greatly. I have experienced an attempt of this. Luckily I own my own business, so this guy was just messaging me about myself. So no harm done. Others I am sure are not so lucky.

It is unfortunate that we live in a time that we have to think of alternate means of talking to the public, due to threats of violence. That we can not protest any issue or policy without having milkshakes thrown at us. Its sad that the rights and freedoms that so many people died for, is being ripped away by masked children in skinny jeans. That the very act of protesting and the right free speech, fundamental principles of democracy, are being ignored in favor of fascist tactics that threatened our way of life so long ago.

Many of our fathers and grandfathers fought to make sure these ideologies did not take root here at home. Many of them were the same age as these antifa cowards when they went and died for these freedoms. What has happened to our school system that the sacrifices made by these heroes, are not taught in a way that we can respect the rights we have. Instead we have teachers who indoctrinate our youth with liberal and socialistic ideas. They convince them that we are the enemy. That we are out of time and they need to act now. It has been made into an emergency that warrants violence.

So who is really to blame here? Is it the young students? Or the adult professors? Well its really both. Because they may be young, but they are not children. They know right from wrong. A decent human being does not punch someone for disagreeing with them. That takes a different kind of person. Regardless if it, is because of inexperience, or is plain hatefulness, these acts are horrible and something should be done about them. Classify it as organized crime, or a terrorist group, I do not care, but we can not keep allowing these people to do what they want, at our expense, without recourse.

Until this threat is extinguished, I hope that you all stay safe. Canvas in groups, campaign with caution. Do not let it stop you, but be ever vigilant.

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Are you interested in becoming a contributor? Its simple and free of course. Just click HERE and sign in with your Facebook credentials. You can also create an account HERE without Facebook.


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