Jessica Allen’s Racist Rant Is Backed By CTV.

With the recent firing of Don Cherry for his ‘inferred’ racist remarks, you would think that the sensitivity to racism would be quite high within the MSM networks. Well, think again. Of course there would be a double standard for liberal show hosts. What is good for the goose, is not applicable to the gander apparently.

Jessica Allen, co-host of CTV’s ‘The Social’ made remarks about hockey players. Stating they were usually white boys, who were mean and usually bullies. A blatant racist remark regardless of who is saying it.

The father of a Humboldt Broncos crash survivor spoke out about the statements.

CTV reported on the situation here:

They hypocrisy of this situation is really laughable, if there was anything actually funny to laugh about. The fact is, this kind of double standard is unacceptable. Why should a beloved Sports commentator be fired for being patriotic, and a little known ‘opinion show’ host be praised for being racist?

The Apology

CTV’s apology was basically, ‘Hey we are sorry, we loved your touching stories, but we will say what we want’ Not very understanding of them. Those ‘touching stories’ were enraged parents at the stereotyping of their children. Bell Media, the parent company of CTV has been deleting footage of the show on YouTube under copyright infringement. Go figure eh.

Jessica did make an ‘apology’ saying when she spoke she was referring to hockey players she knew personally when she was in high school and university. She said Cherry reminded her of those players.

“I regret saying that my experiences were personal instead of underlying that they were specific episodes from determined moments with particular individuals,” Jessica wrote.

“As a result, I offended many people. Not just our viewers, but parents, children, coaches, volunteers and hockey families everywhere. To you I apologize.”

Ok, even if she did misspeak, so did Don Cherry, he meant to say ‘everyone’. He got fired over it. Even if she was referring to white people she knew, simply generalizing them based on their skin is STILL racist. She basically said ‘Sorry, I was being racist to people I know from my past, not you white people.’

A Normal Thing

She seems to think that discrimination and generalizing is fine in a lot of cases. Laughing at descriptions of people who opposed her comments as ‘inbred’ and ‘Wexit Klan idiots’ Also, now, talking with conservative news outlets make you a racist. You can only talk with the liberal media…. Here is an interesting reply to thread.

It goes without saying that her comments were hurtful. Her refusal to actually apologize shows her lack of understanding.

Here is a Canadian ‘white’ boy for ya Jessica. Maybe he can school you a little.


I am just sick of this double standard. We are being called racist at the drop of a hat, but when someone on the left does it, no problem. A quick apology and they move past it. Meanwhile conservatives are fired on the spot for things that are only assumed to be racist. It not only detracts from societies fight against actual racism, it turns the fight against it into a partisan weapon.

I think a person should always be given the chance to clarify what they meant by their words. Sometimes things come out wrong. They did that for Jessica Allen, the only difference was she doubled down on her statement. Don Cherry was not given the opportunity.

We have to step up and not let this type of bias spread anymore. We need to stamp it out and demand action when we see discrimination. If an apology is not good enough for a Canadian legend, then its definitely not good enough for Jessica Allen. Continue to tweet to @CTV and CTV_PR and @bellmedia_pr for her dismissal. State that her apology was an admission to her bigotry. Enough is enough.

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