Lets Talk About Racism

There has been a lot of terms like ‘Racist’ and ‘Bigot’ and even ‘Nazi’ being thrown around by people lately. I myself have been labeled a racist for opinions that did not come from prejudice or hate whatsoever. From people south of the border being called racist for supporting their president. To people in our own country being called the same for opposing the increase of immigration to our country. Racism seems to be widespread. Or rather the Leftists would like it to seem that way.

Canada, although not officially written into law, does have a dark history of racism against African Canadians. The last segregated school was closed in 1983 in Nova Scotia. I started school the year after. We certainly still have people alive that have been impacted by systemic racism. We have came a long way, but we are not quite there yet, and far from compensating for the past. This is why I am insulted and saddened when the term racist is thrown at such insignificant statements concerning a national policy. It detracts from the meaning of the word. It degrades the experiences that people STILL ALIVE have experienced in their lives. Stuff that was REAL racism.

Leftists have come into a tactic of shield politics. They use people as shields to their policies. If you attack the policy, you attack the person. The more helpless the person, the better the shield. They use immigrants, refugees and even images from other countries to influence the public view on immigration. If you are against increased immigration numbers, they are shielded by the immigrants, and you are racist. Greta Thunberg is the shield for climate change, if you are against alarmist environmental data, you are against a little sick child, that is begging you for help. How dare you!

I think it is one of the lowest things to call someone a racist or bigot, only topped maybe by pedophile. To label someone without significant proof, over a period of time, is just slanderous. It is becoming incredibly more widespread, and increasingly more concerning, than racism itself. Utilizing terms like ‘hate speech’ the left will continue to limit our ability to oppose any policy they wish to implement. Once they have the demographics, they can do whatever they want. They understand if they fight tooth and nail for immigrants, if they call the other parties racists and bigots, they will secure their votes and increase their seats and secure strongholds.

Regardless of the political implications, socially, this trend is causing people to lose friends, its ending relationships and is generally dividing our country as a whole. The unfortunate reality is that the root word of diversity is divide. More accurately I think, diversity would be a ‘preterite’ or a ‘past tense verb’ and divide would be a verb. you divide, then you have diversity. We have a lot of diversity right now in Canada, but not the good kind.

We all need to communicate better. When we post communications we need to be conscious of how we are coming across. I realize it is not your fault how someone misinterprets you, but it is your responsibility to communicate your opinion and stance properly. Many opinions come from an emotional place. So we tend to use negative terms and angles when describing an issue. We need to look at a more positive angle so that we are not as easily misinterpreted. Give positive impressions of your motives.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there is a lot of racism still in our society. It is disgusting and vile. It is totally unacceptable and should be stamped out. As conservatives, we should call anyone out that we may see that acts in this manner. It is contrary to all Canadian beliefs and has no place in our society. But, If we continue to throw the terms ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ around like they are candy at a parade, then the real racists win.

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