The Nine Locks Fiasco

There is nothing I like more than a cold crisp Nine Locks beer on the weekend. This line of delicious beer, that happens to be brewed basically in my backyard in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, has quickly become my ‘go to’ and quite literally my favorite beer of all time, by far. I am particularly fond of their Double IPA’s with their grand daddy “Fathom’ Which is a triple hopped Double IPA with a creamy head and a crisp after taste. This is not for the feint of heart mind you, but they do have a wide selection of year round beers, like the popular ‘Dirty Blonde’ to seasonal brews, like the surprisingly refreshing Watermelon Blonde and Harvest Pumpkin Ale. Nine locks has really upped the brewing game in Nova Scotia, and it seems like people are taking notice.

For the past 2 years Nine Locks has been running an ad campaign propmoting their flagship beer ‘Dirty Blonde’ With slogans like “Everybody loves a dirty blonde from Dartmouth.” This recently sparked outrage on social media as well as with multiple breweries in the region.

“We received a letter on Nov. 15, signed by 17 of our member breweries expressing concerns about the Nine Locks Brewing advertising and marketing activities,” said Emily Tipton, president of the Craft brewers Association of Nova Scotia.

Craft brewers Association of Nova Scotia does not control how members advertise, but did pass a a motion in 2017 which discouraged discriminatory marketing.

The NSLC was also were notified about the advertising via social media, and says that elements of the campaign do violate its advertising rules of conduct. Particularly the section stating all beverage alcohol and cannabis advertising must refrain from using offensive language, such as: racial slurs, misogynistic language, anti-LGBTQ+ and so on.”

I do not see how this is misogynistic. They were not running an add campaign next to beautiful women, they were not using sex as a marketing tool. They simply used innuendo in an ingenious marketing campaign. There is nothing sexist about that. It is actually sexist to assume that it is about women. Maybe the dirty blonde is a homosexual, maybe he or she is a transsexual. Why do they have to assume it is about them?

Feminist activist Alaska Elisabeth McMillan helped write an open letter to Nine Locks in response to the battle brewing online — an example, she says, of a larger problem.

“That there is this sort of pattern of behavior in society where we tend to and have historically used women’s bodies as marketing tactics,” McMillan said.

Problem is Alaska, nobody is using their bodies as marketing tactics. How about you go and write letters to women’s magazines or any woman’s beauty products. They are the ones that you should hate.

Nova Scotia Community College marketing professor Ed McHugh even stated when commenting to CTV: “It’s a little bit provocative … it’s brought out a bit of a creepy element to it. I’m not sure it’s sexist but it’s certainly border line.”

Boarder line as in, close but no cigar. Well close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades, I certainly do not think a ‘border line sexist’ marketing campaign should be discussed to this extent. If we keep pushing the boundaries, where will we end up at? I for one am not happy living in the society we have created already, if it gets any worse than this…. God help us.

I don’t know about you, but the constant attack on everything in my culture and society that I hold dear is getting a little old. You can not do or say anything anymore without offending someone. You do not even need to say it anymore, if you can infer it, that is good enough for the left to attack.

We need to make being ‘offended’ illegal. Just image a world like that. We would be much better off. If you really look at it, why are you offended about something? Are you insecure? unsure about something? whatever the reason is, if you reflect on why you are offended, there is a good chance for self improvement. Instead of blaming it on everyone else, take the opportunity to better yourself. I am a firm believer of taking responsibility. EVEN when it is not your fault. You can only improve yourself this way. Making someone else change or adapt to YOU is detrimental to your own advancement.

Good luck convincing the left of this kind of mind set though. They will continue to lead us, kicking and screaming, down this ridiculous path of political correctness. I for one am not going to fall for it. I will support every business that falls victim to the lefts attacks. I will stand up for individuals who are ostracized for their simple opinions. And when they come for me… Well bring it on, I am already standing on rock bottom, you can not do anything to me.

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