The Wexit Movement

For some time there has been talk about the west separating from Canada. Following the election on Monday the movement experienced a dramatic increase in its following. Going from around 78k to just over 210k members on their facebook group page in under 24 hours. The page can be found here:


The jump in numbers caused their website ( to go down due to reaching maximum bandwidth in such a short period of time. It is still down at the time of this articles publishing. The group admins have posted it should be up again by noon time today.

This surge in separatist sentiment has to do with the outcome of the elections and its implications regarding the energy sector. A topic that has long been a heated one between Alberta and Ottawa. From ‘United we roll’, to the demonized Yellow Vest movement, westerners have had enough with the policies of the Liberal government that has put so many Albertan’s out of work. And I do not blame them.

I myself am extremely disappointed with the outcome of the elections in my districts, and my entire region as a whole. I feel like I am an insurgent behind enemy lines, In the middle of enemy territory with no way to escape. I certainly did not vote Liberal, but I know the majority of people did, in most cases. I feel bad for my Western cousins, (I have family living there) and all the patch workers, former and present. Unlike my neighbors, I understand that this outcome means more hardships for westerners and the energy sector.

Do you think I want to buy Saudi oil? Do I want to pay almost twice as much, plus a carbon tax for all my home heating fuel? Of course not. I cant afford my heating oil as it is, any worse and my family is going to be left in the cold. I may have to move to Alberta just to survive. Nobody wants to pay high prices, but they do not want to do what is needed to get it cheaper. Many do not see the impact that the Liberal policies, and pipeline inaction, has done to Albertan’s and many other westerners. They do not realize how much better we could have it. Instead they vote for things like free dental, giving no concern to the issues other Canadians face. I am ashamed for my fellow Maritime’rs, and would like to apologize on their behalf, for they know not what they do.


Now even though I think westerners have a really good reason to be contemplating separation, they have to realize it is a very tricky thing to pull off. They are not just initiating a ‘brexit’ where they are simply canceling a merger, rather, they are spiting up a union that has lasted for hundreds of years. With interwoven interests that can not just be pulled apart. They would have to form a military, and a police force, they would have to erect a border and patrol it. They would have to produce a currency and a central bank. All federal property and equipment , including military, would remain the Canadian federal governments property, and would be subject to seizure. This of course, all depends on winning all the legal constitutional battles that would ensue. Constitutional law is pretty complex and in our particular system of monarchy, the Queen actually has final say. That is just the tip of the logistic iceberg that awaits any new nation looking to gain international recognition. Which is what they would need in order to sell their oil. It is not impossible of course, but it is a lot harder than some may think.

You can brush up on some Constitutional law here:

I would much rather see this new group of people use their large numbers as a tool for change. With the organization of a quarter million people, you can accomplish some great things. You could initiate referendums to help Canada. Reform our elections act, increase seats in some areas, lower them in others. We need more balance in our system so that we can right the ship when needed. This kind of group, can effect that kind of change.

We are all proud Canadians right? We are just not proud of what it has become. Do you turn your back on the family member who has fallen prey to the opioid crisis? Or has hit whatever ‘rock bottom’ they are so unlucky to experience. No, you try to get them help. At all costs. You do everything in your power to make sure the whole family pulls through the crisis. We are a family, and we will pull through.

I understand how you all feel. You feel betrayed. I do too, but this sort of reaction, may not be the right action. Use it as a tool, use it to get what you want, use it to change politicians actions to fall in line with your needs, but please do not destroy Canada just yet. Organize, send physical letters to MP’s, call, send fax’s. Unite as one and have one voice and you will be able to do anything.

What is coming next is your vilification. Be prepared for that. Do not go the way of the Yellow vests. In such an emotional time, I realize that it is hard, but we must maintain decency and respect to avoid such a demise. Liberal media is a viscous and effective political tool.

The real issue with this election was that Andrew Scheer was just not a good candidate. There were not a lot of good qualities about him that made him appealing as a choice for moderates. With the stories about him being anti-gay and anti-woman, and all of the other false and irrelevant claims by the media, you can not blame people for thinking twice about voting for him. If we had a better candidate, the election would have gone very differently. Hopefully there will be a convention to elect a new Conservative leader, and we can shine again in 4 years.

I wish you all the best, and remember, you still have friends in the east. We are not all brainwashed Liberals. Just look at the polls. at least 1/5 of my riding voted Conservative, and this riding has been Liberal for nearly 30 years.

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